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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Today the girls and I watched an episode of DANCING WITH THE STARS. The girls LOVED it. I should have guessed they would be gah-gah over it, but I guess I wasn't really thinking. Had I thought about it, I might not have watched it with them because they were sort of wild with dancing like the show for at least 30 minutes after it was over.

I really should have remembered that Ria loved it when we watched it almost 2 years ago. That was around the time she fell in love with Ballet (she happened to see a full-on ballet on PBS and talked about it constantly after that). As a matter of fact, about a week after seeing THE ballet on PBS Ria's Grama Farrell, Mimi, gave her a pair of cute little pink high top tennis shoes. She immediately named them her "RinaRina" shoes! ^_^ Anyway, it was hilarious to watch my two little girly girls dancing around the house today. Kat was going for arabesques quite frequently (always holding on to something, of course), while Ria was busy working on trying to dance like the TV and getting her Tondous perfected. :) They are adorable!

Don't mistake me, though, they are fighting to help Daddy work on the car (literally!) and love to muck it up with the best of them! After they play on our lanai (back patio that is enclosed), they come in looking like they did some dust rolls. You know, the way cows and horses will roll in the dust to help protect them from the bugs? Anyway... they are covered from top to toe!

Today was the last day of official dance class for Ria. It was kinda sad. Next week is THE big week! We have stage rehersal on Tuesday, dress rehersal on Friday, and THE BIG EVENT on Saturday. We're very excited! ^_^

I planned to walk the bridge today, but didn't because I just felt REALLY sick to my tummy when I was heading out that way. It went away after I turned to go South... so I think I was getting a message NOT to go that way. Regardless, I walked 74 minutes today. Yesterday I did 40 minutes of intervals and completed my walk at 79 minutes! ^_^ I feel so good when I walk even just 5 minutes over 60. :)

Monday I went visiting teaching and both my companion and the sister we visited commented quite a lot about how nice I look and how much weight I've lost. I will reiterate my lovely news of yesterday: I've lost 2 pounds in the last two weeks. So, really, it's not a lot on the scale, but it's obviously showing up nicely on my bod. :) Yesterday a few of the ladies at Play in the Park commented on my appearance. And today a couple more in dance class made the same/similar comments. So, I'm feeling like the work is paying off visibly. That pleases me very greatly! It would be much more difficult to continue if there was no discernable change!

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Heidi said...

It's so nice when other people start noticing your weight loss! You are doing great with your walking!

When is the dance recital?

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