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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Papa (Jpa) Arrives and Giddy Giggles

We had a long and lovely day yesterday. I was up at 5am and Jess soon thereafter. We were able to leave by 5:45am, which is actually slower than normal for a TEMPLE DAY! But I was purposefully trying to remain calm and peaceful about everything... so NO rushing. Even though I was trying to keep calm I still ended up with my "signature" stress bowels. (Thanks Mom! jj ^_^)

Our temple visit was completed by about 9am and we headed over to the Orlando International Airport. Ria was very impressed with the BIG airplanes flying around. She and Kat are quite used to airplanes because there is a small airport down the road from us, but the airplanes that land there are private and rather small. So, this was a rare experience. Ria remembered her Daddy's trip on an airplane, but Kat hadn't ever REALLY seen any so big. She didn't seem to react, but that could have been shock. :) Who knows, though, since she didn't say anything about it.

We had lunch at Chick-Fil-A in the airport. Ria has wanted to go out to eat for quite a while now. I've tightened down on the "belt" so that we have more money for food storage stuff. So she's been excited to get to eat out. But I know she wasn't thinking about THAT when she saw her Papa walking toward us! She was so totally ecstatic. She raced over to him and jumped into hugging him. It was very sweet! Jess and I encouraged Kat to go say hi to Papa, but she clung tighter to Jess even as she watched Ria race over. So, Jess, Kat, and I walked over to my Dad. Kat was holding back, so I stepped up to hug my Dad hello. After seeing me being so friendly with the strange man, Kat totally reached out to him for a hug. So funny.

We made a couple stops on the way home, so by the time we arrived we had about an hour before Ria and I had to leave for her Dress Rehearsal. A good bit of that time was spent preparing Ria FOR her rehearsal. She was very excited and pleased to have makeup applied and then, even though she wouldn't actually wear it until we arrived at the auditorium, she just HAD to put her costume on to show Papa. She looked VERY sweet, of course.

Ria and I had to be at the auditorium for 3:30pm and we were on time. We didn't leave until around 5:30pm (and that wasn't the end of the rehearsal)! The funny thing, to me, is that the organizers expect the parents to leave the girls until around 9pm, when everything is finished. Thankfully they didn't push the issue with the parents of toddlers. I would have revolted and the whole thing would have been canceled (for our family, at least) if they asked me to leave my daughter with a woman I didn't know for more than the time required! Lori did a very good job of monitoring and caring for our girls, I must say. I'm very glad to have the opportunity to get used to all of this hub-bub while Ria is young. I mean, can you imagine me being faced with leaving Ria as a 6 or 7 year old - with no prior experience in doing so under the given circumstances?! I can't!!!! Oh, they also expected that there would be no spectators during the Dress Rehearsal. Uhhh, WHAT!!? Well, the toddlers' parents (and quite a few others) didn't really pay that much mind. I was determined to see Ria dance so that I would not be quite as upset about Kat not sitting still and quiet for the performance. This way, at least, Jess and my Dad will get to see THE dance and I can distract Kat elsewhere. Hopefully Kat will be SO enthralled by all of it that she'll sit quiet and happy the whole time... but I'm trying to plan for all contingencies. ;) heehee

After I got home with Ria from the rehearsal I felt like I was going to pass out! I mean, I haven't run off of only 5 hours sleep in a VERY long time... and definitely NOT while preggie!!! So, I fell on the couch to get a little rest. I got up in time for my walk, which Jess and my Dad helped me enjoy ALONE! I totally did not feel able to do the whole 80 minutes. To make matters worse, Jess has prepared most of dinner already and I was feeling my stomach gnaw at itself! So, I was very lame and only walked to the half-point at the top of the bridge, which gave me a total of a 46 minute walk. I felt like a total woosee; especially because my shin splints were REALLY hobbling me (almost literally!). So, I hope to get a little walk in today, sometime in the evening. Maybe Kat and I will walk around after we drop Ria off for the pre-recital wait. We'll see. I really want to get another 14+ minutes (I'll go for 20 because that will elevate my heart rate for a satisfactory period of time) so that I'm still good for my weekly average time. As it stands, because of my short walk last night, my average for the week puts me at about a 46 minute walk each day for 6 days. I only walked 5 days, but if you recall, I increased my daily time to sort of add up to a total of what I would walk in 6 days IF I could get that 6th day in! I actually might this week, GO FIGURE!

So, the main point of the previous paragraph was to illustrate my fatigue. I totally went off track (my train was derailed!), but that WAS the point. :)

Our girls moved into our room to sleep for the night. They'll also sleep in our room tonight and Sunday night. The move last night didn't go very smoothly because I hadn't prepped Kat for the imminent change. (Bad Mama!) But it did eventually work out, for the most part. Kat did move to our bed in the middle of the night and Daddy didn't get up to transfer her like he said he was going to, so he didn't sleep very well. But, really, that's his own fault, in a way! Ria is so flexible, Mama is SO grateful, and she didn't have a problem with the change at all - even when asked to give up the bed she was excited to sleep in! She sure is a gem, right!?

Part of the plan to make the whole thing more comfy for the girls was Jessie's idea to put a light on so that they would be able to get their bearings if they awakened during the night. He's SUCH a thoughtful Daddy! I was promised a shepherd of my family's spiritual and temporal needs and I certainly have that in him!!! We decided on moving the dark-sensing night light from the hall bathroom to our bathroom and keeping the door slightly ajar. I would like to remind you that I was SUPER tired and completely and utterly ready to collapse into bed and DEEP slumber by this time (around 10:15pm).

So, Jess put the night light in while I finished up in the bathroom. I noticed that it was in, but not on before I left so I started to mess with it to try to get it to stay on so it would work for the night. I noticed that when I had my hand near it, trying to adjust the connection between the night light and the outlet, the light came on, but as my hand moved away it totally went out. (In my defense, here, our outlets are quite old and we do have some regular problems with many of them working!) After watching this phenomenon for a few minutes and feeling amazed and almost in awe; I was thinking that perhaps the electricity of my body was interacting with the lightbulb and making it WORK when my hand was near enough, only to go out as my hand moved away. I went to fetch Jess. I was waiting for him in the bathroom and described/showed him the problem. He sort of looked at my funny for a split second and said, "Well, yeah, Tori, the light is on!" Immediately the absurdity of the situation struck me and I began to giggle. Jess looked at me with a goofy sort of grin on his face (the kind he gets when I'm laughing, but he's not really sure why) and he asked, "Did you think it was magic or something?" Between giggle fits (the goofy giddiness I haven't experienced in AGES that results from SUPER exhaustion: giddy giggles!) and hugging him to support my upright posture, I said, "Or something!" He was anxious to get back to his dumb Shuffle, so scooted out as soon as he could get himself out of the hug and I went to bed giggling uncontrollably, but also feeling overwhelmingly lonely and sad because I didn't have Jess there to share some silliness!

I rarely ever have so many people in the house at night - and especially not Jess. Yet, when I'm feeling goofy and craving company my hubby wants to go play on the computer. Ah well....

Of all the gifts I've given Jess, I think I most dislike the iPod Shuffle I got for him as an early Father's Day gift. :p Live and learn, right? Note to self: no more electronic toys for husband!

As if. Even should I want to stick to that NOTE TO SELF, I won't. See, I want to give Jessie EVERYthing he wants. I certainly can't! I mean, between NEEDING to provide for our family as a unit and our children's need and some wants, there's very little Jess and I can have that we actually WANT... but if we run across another deal like the iPod, even if I don't want to, because of THIS, I won't hesitate to get him what he wants. I mean, when do you get a BRAND-spankin-NEW-iPod-Shuffle for $20!!! It was NEVER used and still in the original packaging, less clear plastic wrap stuff!!!! *ahwell*

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