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Monday, January 6, 2014

Meditation Monday #53

I almost missed a day this last week!  I remembered right before I went to sleep, so made sure to do my forms.  I was even able to do a longer-than-usual Kirtan Kriya since babygirl was deep asleep!  :)  This is another week of every-day-daily meditation.  YEAY!!

That means I'm 2 weeks into my current 40 day Challenge (that I've had to restart twice before!).  I sure am hoping to complete it this time.

Cycles and seasons and systems have been forming with even greater clarity in my mind's eye and to my understanding.  It's amazing to realize how The Mandlebrot Set is manifested micro-cosmically as well as macro-cosmically!  I feel awed and amazed to realize new aspects of it.

Everything is a system.  A cell... it has all the different parts that do their different things.  An Atom... if we could truly understand/see, we would see that even electrons and quarks (and anything else that might come along that we perceive as smaller) have their own separate parts working together... basically controlled by a central intelligence for the individual system as well as an overarching one for the whole of the whole system.  It's wonderful and awesome!

As I meditate, especially using the SaReSaSa Meditation, I feel more understanding and awe about all of it.  Not just on the micro end, but on the macro, too.  It's amazing and awesome and... well, I just wonder how anyone could think it could all happen with such order and precision without intelligent design?  It's just beyond my ken.

Lately, my routine has been: open, SaReSaSa, anger, anger, Kirtan Kriya, prosperity, and close.  You can find four of those HERE.  I'm not doing the releasing anger/negativity linked from that post.  The anger meditations I'm using are included below and in the order I do them, too.  :)

Have you been meditating?  Are you experiencing anything particular/peculiar/unusual/good/bad... anything?  I sure am experiencing good stuff and hope you are, too!!!


Heather Jones said...

Meditation is very good for the mind. I'm glad you are having some clarity and seeing things in a different light.

Tori said...

Thank you! Me, too! :)

Mary @Capturing Magical Memories said...

I use a very basic technique I learned from my acupuncturist years ago. May be time for a refresher.

Mama to 5 said...

I have never heard of this before, I have my mediation in the morning with The Lord, reading the Bible. That is my quite time before the 4 kids wake up and it gets crazy! LOL!

valmg @ Mom Knows It All said...

I don't meditate but have heard it's very relaxing.

Tori said...

Mary, I highly recommend Kundalini Yoga. It has blessed my life in numerous ways I can perceive, so I'm sure it's done even more that I don't quite see now!

Mama to 5, I meditate while reading my scriptures and very much enjoy that form of meditation as well. I've found Kundalini Yoga to be an amazing technology for changing my brain in ways that I have struggled unsuccessfully for decades to accomplish without it. I believe that Kundalini Yoga is helping me grow strong enough in several ways so that I can break free of the Generational Curses that have bound me. I didn't know how to deal with them... and in a real way I'm not REALLY dealing with them even now. But they are falling away as I grow... at least, that's how it feels! :)

valmg, I HIGHLY recommend it! :)

Lexie Lane said...

Meditation is such a stress reliever for me. This is great that you're doing this. It brings more clarity and life into every day!

Mommy2Jam said...

Im currently reading a book called wherever you go there you are. Its about meditating and its not just about breathing but being in the moment. Its something I need to incorporate in my life more often.

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