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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Working Wednesday: Special Video of my Girls in Action

This video was a bit staged.  I mean, really... do you think it would even be possible for ME to be behind the camera and catch them in the act of attempting to get a passer-by interested.  How very cool it would be if I could get someone they didn't know to do a video of them in action!  THAT would be suh-WEET!

We had a good day at the Market last Wednesday.  I realized I was stolen from the last Market Day.  So very upsetting... especially because I'm pretty sure I know who it was.  :(  She seemed so kind.  Just another lesson for me on NOT to trust people as much as I would like.  *sigh*

This past Wednesday ended up about half as much as my best day.  I'm so grateful.  Especially now because I'm hoping to make a child's wish come true.  It's a worthy desire... and I miss my sister!  I'm hoping God will continue to bless and favor us and enable me to earn the funds we need to make this dream come true!!  God is so good... I'm just hoping He wants what we want!  :)

They don't normally demonstrate the item they did this time...
proved a little awkward.  Next time I'll make sure they do a Flexi
for you to see.  That is what they sell most consistently.

1 comment:

vicki said...

thanks for putting this up. Happy to see them in action.

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