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Friday, January 31, 2014

Free Form Fun Friday

Did you know I have carpentry in my blood?  If one would consider skill/desire/ability to be in the blood if a parent does/did it, then I definitely do!  My Dad created with wood a good bit during my childhood.  It was always AMAZING and wodnerful to me to see him create something truly functional out of just flat pieces of various sizes of wood!

I have created with wood a little bit myself?  It's true.  I built a chicken tractor almost all by myself.  It's long gone now and my pictures of it are stuck on an inoperable computer, but if you read this post about the pallet fence my husband built, you'll see the tractor with a goat in it.  She liked being up high and loved that perch once the side came off and we couldn't use it for chickens any more.  I hope to build again soon.  It IS extremely difficult, though, to build with tenny tiny babes about, so building has to wait until the wee-est ones are bigger.  :)

A rabbit hutch was my next effort.  It went horribly.  Mostly because I was nagged at and called after every 5-10 minutes of my effort at building.  It was truly a horrible and horrendously frustrating experience.

I loved watching my Dad spread glue, affix his c-clamps and the really long ones for super big projects.  I remember some of his frustrations... so when I saw this awesome product (this is an affiliate link, it helps me if you buy here!), I knew I wanted to share/spread the news about it AND *some* day get a set of my own.  I sure hope it'll be sooner than later.

This amazing PATENTED tool is good for SO much more than simply holding stuff together.  It looks like it will hold stuff together wonderfully well, but it will ALSO: get into gaps as small as a 1/4 inch with the spreader attachment (it SPREADS!!!!), jack up to 300 pounds with the removable stands attachment (SAY WHAT!!??), hoist up to 300 pounds (SERIOUSLY!!??),  and it'll hold irregular shapes EVEN round pipes together AND has a no slip grip.  I am amazed and super impressed and SERIOUSLY want some of my own!

This product contains 2 jack clamps, 2 spreader attachments, 2 v-jaw attachments, and 2 foot attachments and does all that I've already shared.  Can you believe it?  Do you know someone who makes stuff with wood?  You definitely need to direct them to my blog!  ^_^

(^^ another affiliate link!)

1 comment:

vicki said...

I hesitate to share the tool with Dad as he will surely NEED it. I wonder if he has seen it already?

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