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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Working Wednesday

Last Wednesday was a good working day.  Better than the week before.  Not as good as my best day at the market, but still good.  It was a great day as far as conversation and enjoyment.  It's coming to the point that working at the market is a bit of a break from my daily work.  And I get to spend more time paying attention to and playing with my babygirl for a lot of the time at market day.  I definitely like that!  I think she does, too.

 The children and I were so tired when we got back to the house that we all took a nap and ended up staying awake quiet late Wednesday night.  It was good, though.  Thankfully, everyone stayed mostly nice.  YEAY!

I forgot my camera again.  Sorry, no pictures from last week!

Grampa Bruce came by a couple of times with gifts for the children.  Another vendor gave the children gifts.  Yet another vendor let us borrow a blanket for the baby (it was quite warm the week before, but then very cold last week!).  Yet another vendor friend gave me a gift which made it easier for me to bring my birthday plans for my husband to fruition.  Praise the Lord!

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