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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Super Sunday Slimdown

This week was more difficult than others in many ways.  For one, my husband decided that he absolutely must go hunting on the four mornings I might be able to walk.  Thankfully I was able to show him how inconsiderate of me that was and we made an agreement that he would get two and I would get two.

To accomplish my goal for the month, I had to figure out two more times to walk.  To do that I had to sacrifice time to work, which then makes my other work times more stressful because I have to attempt to do more in less time.  I didn't accomplish all that I hoped to as a result, but I was able to make all 4 walks this week.  Praise the Lord.

I sure did miss my morning walks on Monday and Tuesday (when husband was hunting).  I feel like less of a human being when I cannot get out to walk and I'm perfectly healthy, so should be able to get out.

No, walking with the children is not an option.  Part of the point of walking while wearing/having only my babygirl is #1 to get away from my full-time job (my children) for an hour... sometimes less... sometimes more.  But that is THE ONLY time I get away.  It can become a bit much to never get away.  I'm sorry to say it, but it is absolutely true.  If I didn't have meditation, I would be going nuts right now... as I probably was before I had meditation.  Even prayer and scripture reading/study, which I still do, did not help me the way walking and meditating have!

The other reason I walk without them is so that I can walk swiftly.  To accomplish the same exercise with children along would require AT LEAST 4 times the time spent walking... well, my children just wouldn't be able to walk that long.  I should take them on walks.  I need my walks to take care of me.  Not add one more thing to the list of things I SHOULD do that I cannot possibly add to my already jam-packed schedule!!  Seriously.  Why do I tell myself that: *should*.  I resolve to be kinder to myself.  Cause there isn't anyone else who is able to make sure kindness is part of my life consistently!

The scale has been calling my name lately, but I still haven't checked.  I'm thinking about it more and more, though!  It sure would be lovely to see a decrease there since I feel it in my clothes!  We'll see.  :)

I hope you're rootin' for me and joining in!  You can check in with me in Facebook (sometimes) by searching #TeamTori and #OneRollChallenge  It's a worthy cause: our health and fitness!


Parsimonious Perfection said...

Wow! You certainly have your hands full....even fuller than mine! Beautiful family!!Good luck on your goal, thank you for stopping by my blog❤❤

vicki said...

I enjoy learning of your progress.

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