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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tricky Tuesday #16

The children and I put together a new "bug out list" a while ago.  It may have been as long as four months ago, now.  The list has each child's name on it and what they should bring/pack to our departure vehicle.  It is very specific about who is responsible for what and how much... so it would seem that there would be little for me to worry about other than the long list of things I need to pack.  Would it were so!

The children knew a drill was coming, but didn't know when it would be.  I was inspired to run one about two weeks ago as a result of writing THIS post.  They did really well this time around, all things considered.

We forgot the first aid kit and extra water.  I forgot extra clothes and underwear for my husband and me.  (I did get some for the baby, though!)  If you think that's lame, you should see my list!

I set the departure time at 15 minutes.  It took us almost 25... so that needs work.

My eldest daughter was yelling like a banshee a few too many times (even once would be too many, as we later talked about).

I had to speak way too frequently about who needed to do what... so we need to have a few more drills so everyone knows their responsibilities.

Still, it went rather well considering we haven't run a drill of this sort in more than two years... maybe three!  gah!

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