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Friday, January 24, 2014

Free Fun Free Form Friday: Seeing Things Through Loving My Baby

I've been seeing a few things that seem, to my vision, to relate directly to spiritual things and, especially, God's Love.

My baby has hurt herself a few times.  Mostly because she's not really in control of her little body very well yet.  She's only seven months old.  Really, it makes perfect sense.  She has jerked around and hit her head on a drawer.  She has fallen over by overcompensating and hit her head or fallen on her face.  She has bonked herself with her hands a few times.  It's pretty comical, really, but I can also see that it's frustrating to her.  A few times as I've comforted her over her latest upset, I've realized that her situation is very much like me with my Heavenly Parents.

Do you see it?

Well, I don't know how in EVERY example in my life, but I'm willing to figure that I'm responsible for my own pain at least half the time.  I can't think of HOW, for the most part, but I'm certain I am like a baby in spiritual matters, so it just makes sense that it would be so.

Also, I've found myself working to make my little one's life more comfy.  When we go for walks, sometimes the sun is right in her face.  I often notice and go out of my way (making myself uncomfy) to shade her eyes from the sun.  She looks obviously like she is more comfortable AND completely unaware of what has cause the change.  I think this is very much like my life in Heavenly Father's hands/shelter.  I believe that I do not see or comprehend all the ways that Heavenly Father works to make my life more comfortable.  I can't see His hand shading me from the sun, but I enjoy the blessing of greater comfort as a result of His work on my behalf.

As I've come to see these things more clearly, I feel so grateful!  I'm so thankful Heavenly Father is always working to protect me and bless and prosper me and my family!

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vicki said...

The role of parent has enabled me to appreciate and love Heavenly Father ALL the MOre!

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