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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tricky Tuesday #3

Here are some pictures of the almost complete pallet fence Jess has been building.  One gate is made from a salvaged gate I bought for $5 at a local fence place that sells salvages fence panels.  SUCH a great deal (with hardware, too!).  The other gate is almost complete.  It's missing its chicken wire top.  They'll probably open seperately, which I rather like.  :)

Do you see Kiara, our goat, resting in the old chicken tractor?
This picture shows the gate we already had that Jessie installed so well.
The new chicken coop/goat shed is WAY in the back left of this picture, too!
She's visible here, too... to the left of the picture.
This picture shows the use of a couple pallets that are both vertical.  Nice, right!?
I know this might look like a mish mash to some,
but to me it is beautiful!  I'd love to paint it, but we'll probably leave it be.

This is the end of the longest part of the fence,
which is parallel to our house.
This is looking at the shorter section,
which is perpendicular to our house and
almost meets it at the corner.
Here's the pallet gate Jessie created.
Dang, I shoulda taken a close picture of the hinge.
He used some hinged hasps without the looped part
to make the hinge for this door.  Great, right!!?
Here is the pallet gate closed.
This is the only unfinished part of the fence.
Above the pallet fence there will be a
hinged frame of chicken wire.
We would rather keep out goats and chickens,
thank you very much.  ;)
A view of the gate and into the yard.
You might've noticed that my gardens are a bit... overgrown.  Well, my friends, that's what happens when a hard worker like me is laid low.  The unwellness of my body after the miscarriage took a long time to heal.  Thankfully it's all healed up now.  Just have to straighten things out a bit more IN the house and then I'll be able to spend more time out of the house again.  Unfortunately, I haven't gotten a fall/winter garden in and it's looking less and less likely.  :(  ahwell
Jess did finish the half gate, I just haven't made time to take a picture yet... will do.

1 comment:

vicki said...

are there 2 fenced in areas?
Maybe the fence o' crate extends from garage to opposite wall of house? Garden by the house is on one side of the fence with chickens on the other side-with goats?
I think it is a great fence!
And I will get to see it soon.
Oh, boy!
love, mom

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