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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for Tea!  Today is her fourth birthday.  I can hardly believe she's been in this world that long... and short.  I feel like she's always been with me and don't know how we could've ever been a family without her!  She's a wonder and a pleasure.  She's smart and considerate.  She is a super finder (and this is especially helpful for times like lately when I misplace things frequently).  She usually loves to help and do what she's asked.  She wants very much to learn how to do EVERYthing her big sisters know how to do.  She is usually a loving little AND big sister.  She is quite a proficient reader, for her age, and improving daily.  She is just wonderful and amazing!  I'm grateful our Heavenly Father chooses to preserve her with us each day she is!

My Mom has come in to town to celebrate Tea's 4th birthday.  I sure am thankful she's able to make it!!!

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