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Friday, October 12, 2012

Five Things For Friday

Even though we had to be out and about in the evening, on Monday, my kiddos accomplished most of their tasks AND school today.  Usually school is done, but other bits left undone... it's nice when it comes together better. (Monday, October 1)
I learned something this week that is a pretty big deal to me.  Unfortunately, it's not something I'm comfortable talking about at this point.  (Week of Friday, October 5)

 We've had our goats for two weeks now.  We love them and having them!  Kat is especially bonded to the baby who is now almost 3 weeks old!

 General Conference was wonderful.  Did you see it?  Do you want to?  It was really awesome.  I highly recommend it!
 Kat turned six this week!  She was super excited that we got to do our second October Temple trip on her birthday!  We sure do love going to the temple.  :)

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