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Monday, October 8, 2012

Meditation Monday #13

Doesn't this picture 
(found at http://drbillwooten.com/2011/06/26/a-quiet-mind/)
embody "quiet mind"?

Meditation continues daily.  I've even been more successful at doing it at a routine time, for the most part.  Lately I've had some difficulties, but throughout I've felt greater peace.  I feel more quiet in my mind.  This is a huge blessing and big change for me.  I'm very glad.

Today is day 135 of meditating.  I'm pleased and somewhat amazed that I've been able to continue so long.  This is one thing I do for me.

Not every time, but often, Jmy will check on me as I'm beginning.  He'll leave after a while.  When he hears my closing song, he often returns and waits until I'm fully done.  Then he'll come up for hugs and smiles.  Sometimes he comes when I'm in Kirtan Kriya and sits quietly in my lap.  He just sits with me.  Other times, admittedly, he has done some rather pestering type things, but more often than not he either watched quietly or sits with me.  He is a super sweet little guy!


1 comment:

vicki said...

WoW! I wondered how the children did when you mediated.
What time do you try to do it?
love, mom

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