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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tricky Tuesday #1

I've been thinking about starting a new weekly posting about "tricks" or tips for saving money around the house, garden, garage, farm... as the case may be.  I'm calling it "Tricky Tuesday" because it can be so super tricky to save money when building things up... whether it be the garden, decorating (HA... I don't do much of this), structures necessary for farm animals, or whatever.  I don't know that I have enough tips for every week, but I'm going to share what I think is valuable from my own experience... or what I desire to try out.  Mostly, though, I'm going to stick to what I've tried.  :)

For an introduction into this realm:

Jessie has been building a REALLY solid fence to seperate our chicken and goats (and hopefully, eventually, our rabbits) from the rest of the garden area.  He found a place locally that has lots of discard wood that they are super glad for others to break down and haul off.  They only require that you wear eye protection while you work there.  So, Jessie has scored tons of pallets and other wood.  He's using the pallets to build the lower portion of our fence!  He's hanging chicken wire (we purchased, but already had it on hand) across the top to prevent goats leaping the low wooden portion of the fence.  So far Kiara hasn't tried to get through, even though part of the fence is only chicken wire (and from the ground to four feet high).  We have been blessed that she has remained!  Thankfully Jessie is making is difficult for her to choose otherwise.

So, one way to use pallets as a trick to reduce expense.  :)

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