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Friday, October 26, 2012

Five Things For Friday

Things rarely go as I plan.  I was hoping to accomplish some grocery shopping on Monday, in preparation for the big week ahead.  Tea went ahead and climbed up and then subsequently fell off of a pretty low (but high enough) shelf in the toy room. Unfortunately the Shoenhut piano broke the impact of her head and left a nice 'T' shaped gash in her scalp. 
As a result of Tea's fall, I calmly and firmly directly Ria to place an emergency call to her Daddy.  She did is much better than last time... and last time she did a terrific job.  The gash had pretty much stopped bleeding on its own by the time Jessie arrived home (within 5 minutes of the call)... so long as I held it together.
Jessie applied skin glue, while I held the gash in place.  He then got excited and got Tea excited about a non-stick tape he'd seen (and wanted to buy) at Tractor supply.  If I'm correct, I believe they use this "tape" to tape up horses' forelegs.  Anyway... he bought pink zebra, which Tea was thrilled with... though she did say it was too bad there was no orange zebra... which is particularly funny since she asked for pink.  She ended up looking quite the punk rocker by Tuesday morning (this all happened Monday early afternoon, of course).  So, needless to say... the grocery trip (and mostly everything else, too) was put off.
Is it somehow true of everyone... or just me?  That when I have the most to do (or would like to get done) the least is accomplished?  *sigh*  That seems to be the case for this week... big birthday coming up... so of course it's uber difficult to accomplish what needs to be done!

I've now been blessed to visit the temple six weeks in a row.  The visit during the second week was just that, but it's still a visit to the temple!  :)

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