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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for the blessing of increase on our tiny lil' farm.  It's a lot more work to have our goats, but so satisfying.  I'm endlessly grateful for the ability God has given us to realize the goals He set on our hearts.

I'm thankful for the hard work Jess has been doing for our place.  He has been steadily building on an almost daily basis for the last couple/few weeks.  He's almost finished with my goat shed/chicken coop, which he stopped work on only because I asked him to after we had Kiara in the back yard because a fence needed work.  So, he's been working on it and it is looking SO good!  One of the most awesome things about it is that he has sources materials (free wood)... so the only thing we may have to buy are screws if he determines that the nails we have are not sufficient.  Awesome, right!!?  I hope to post a picture of his project upon completion so you can admire his work in building AND sourcing!  ^_^  I, for one, am THRILLED!

I'm thankful that Jessie woke up super early one day and drove a long way to pick up 3 enormouse sliding glass doors that I hope we'll be able to use for winter garden beds and/or a green house....  we'll see what we think/feel we need most.  :)  Exciting, right!!?

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