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Friday, October 19, 2012

Five Things For Friday


Let's see... this week was pretty quiet.  I did experience a marked improvement in my experience of milking Tulip.  Tulip is the last doe we added to our "tiny farm" just nine days ago.  She had a kid on her, so she's in milk.  YEAY!  You would've laughed till you cried if you'd've seen me milk her the first few times!  Seriously.  No stanchion is a serious hold-up, yall!!
My Mom will be here in less than a week for Tea's fourth birthday.  The fourths are big deals around here (4, 8, 12, 16).  Those are the birthdays that we celebrate with family PLUS friends (whomever the child wants to invite, within reason.  It should be exciting!  Thankfully, the whole not-really-having-big-birthday-parties-every-year-thing has it's side benefits.  Like, for instance, when my children are given the opportunity to tell me all their hopes and dreams for their birthday party, they are actually (almost all) really reasonable and doable!  :) 
 I made my first batch of goat's milk soap (today, actually).  It didn't turn out as well as I was hoping.  Must try again ASAP since I'm SERIOUSLY hoping to use the soap as end of the year gifts to my family!  We've never been able to give gifts all around because we simply cannot afford it... but there is the possibility this year and I SO hope it works out.  If not this year, I'm definitely shooting for something canned, some honey and some soap to give next year.  Of course, it may not be the end of the year, which would be just great, too.  :)
 I have a friend.  We've known each other for around two years now.  She is amazing!  We've been spending a bit more time together recently and I've come to love her very much.  The last time we were able to spend time together, as I was leaving, I felt this surge of love for her and almost told her I loved her.  I stopped myself, though, because I didn't want to freak her out.  Well, today, when I was getting together to depart she told me she loved me!  I felt super happy - especially in light of the way I feel Heavenly Father has been telling me He loves me through people this week.  They haven't said those words, particularly, but He's been SHOWING me... well, this dear friend of mine was someone I wanted to be friends with before I received my assignment from Heavenly Father TO BE friends with her... I sure am thankful!!!
 I gave two guys haircuts this week.  It's so funny when we buzz Jmy... the girls all say some version of, "Oh, look how much he looks like JJ!!"  I think Jmy does look a little like JJ, but mostly, I think JJ is the primary young boy in our extended family upon whom the girls can compare and reflect (they haven't been around his younger brother as much).  Anyway... fun/funny stuff.  :)


Heather@Women in the Scriptures said...

I love the idea of doing birthday on the 4 year marks-- brilliant. I will have to remember that one! I am not a big birthday party lover so this would be perfect for me.

Thank you for linking up today!

vicki said...

Lookin' forward to seeing you with the goats!
Lookin' forward to lots of other things, too!
love, mom

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