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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Thankful Thursday Week of June 16th

Make sure to pop over to EDUCATING EVELYN to join Thankful Thursday Link-Up!  ^_^  It's such a pleasure and joy to keep track of the things and events for which I need to be thankful.  And to share it here is, to my way of thinking, just another way I might be able to shine forth the Light of Christ and draw others to Him!  You know ya wanna do it, too!!!  ;)

Thursday, June 16, 2011:  I'm thankful for the gift and blessing of being able to go to the temple as a family.  The afternoon of this day was a big test for me.  I was accused of thinking I'm more righteous than everyone around me.  This is also something for which I'm grateful because I have been very introspective and watchful of my motives since the accusation (writing a few days since the experience)....  I have also prayerfully considered this accusation.  I have come to understand even more fully the truth of the sin it is to rely upon the arm of the flesh.  Also, I have come, once again, to experience the truth that when someone hurls an accusation at me in anger, the accusation really has more to do with the accuser (in some way and on some level) than it has to do with who I am and my character.  Certainly didn't help to think and know this truth when the accusation was hurled, though!  But the Peace in my heart and mind has come in much fuller and faster than ever before.  Also, though, the Peace has rushed in in large part, THANKS to a WISE friend's words spoken in the Spirit.  Thank you, sweet Friend.

Friday, June 17, 2011:  I'm thankful for food.  I'm thankful for a second day of work for Jessie.  I'm also DEEPLY thankful for the test that resulted in the timing of the offer of work to Jessie.  We were planning for him to go pick up our food.  I received a phone call offering him some work. 
we were supposed to be in place to pick up our food at 9am.  The call arrived at 8am.  The decision for Jess to work was made and I was up and getting 4 kids and me ready to go at 817am.  We were only a tiny bit late... and the truck was later, so it was sorta like we were on time!  ;)  I'm so thankful for my girls' continuing desire to earn money for their homeschool supplies.  I'm amazed by the blessing of and thankful for the opportunity I have to go and do Visiting Teaching.  I'm grateful for the sacrifice my sister (and her family!) made tonight.  My sweet sister works outside of her home and enjoys (and needs) quiet evenings to rest and even sleep, but she allowed me to come visit her.  It ended up being a delightful family visit!  She and her family are just WONDERFUL!

Saturday, June 18, 2011:  I'm thankful for a third day of work for Jessie this week.  I'm grateful for the opportunities Father is providing to make me ever more flexible.  It's very difficult for me (in my natural self to have things changed up without notice), but increasingly it is becoming easier.  I attribute this to the changes Christ is bringing about in my very nature as I turn to Him with desire to truly BE His!  It's hard work (this letting go of "my" dross!), but TOTALLY worth it!  :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011:  I'm thankful for the opportunity to honor Jessie on this day in an even more focused way than we try to do each day of the rest of the year.  I'm grateful that he's really so easy to please and willing to support me in the things I feel Led to do.  His "gift" this year was two cans of saurkraut.  Some of which kraut we ate with chili cheese hot dogs with onions and condiments on em.  He was well pleased.  :)  He also enabled me to go to my friend's home to work on compiling her life story.  I was there for 6.5 hours and in that time we almost doubled the writing I'd done over the two previous times we'd been able to work on it!  ^_^

Monday, June 20, 2011:  I'm thankful for Jessie's hard work to become gainfully employed.  I'm so grateful that he is striving to understand the Word of the Lord.  I'm SO glad to have such sweet girls as I have.  (Of course we DO have our problems.)  But they were just really WONDERFUL about going to Park Day and ending up as the only ones from church there.  They still had a wonderful time and they were wonderful together.  I'm grateful I'm their Mama and they are my daughters!!!  Jimmy was wonderful, too... he slept both ways in the van, which was a huge gift cause he didn't fuss or scream at all!  He's a darling boy!  ^_^  I'm thankful for the lovely evening we spent with a friend and the awesome dinner she made all of us and the sweet gift she gave us for FHE!!  We will enjoy leftovers from dinner and making use of her gift to us FOR SURE!!  I'm also thankful for a heart-felt apology from the person who hurled the accusation.  What a sweet added balm to the healing I'd been feeling as a result of turning to and relying on Christ Atonement.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011:  I'm thankful for Jessie's determination to pursue the job leads he learns about and how very diligent he has been without any coaxing!  I'm thankful for the visit with friends and our Missionaries.  It was an unexpected visit in which they delivered green beans and a cucumber.  Yum!  We're so grateful to be so loved!  And I continue to feel thankful for the "difficulty" of learning to be flexible! :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011:  I'm thankful for Jessie's hard work in the blistering heat to put up our fence, his efforts to figure something out to contain our roosters so our neighbors don't kill 'em, and then his endurance in heading off to work for a loving Sister who have provided Jess with some work (lifting and moving heavy stuff after his hard work at home, WHAT A MAN!!!)!  I'm also grateful that my girls love their business so much.  They were SO excited to get to do an extra Orange-ade Stand today!  I'm so glad because they made more money today than they've made at any other single orange-ade stand!!!  I'm so thankful to all those individuals who stopped by to purchase orange-ade and other goodies from our girls.  :)  We had a REALLY enjoyable time!!!

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