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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Giving Even When We Lack

My Mom said it the other day in Facebook.  She was responding to someone when she quoted one of our favorite songs: "Because I Have Been Given Much," which goes:  "Because I have been given much, I too must give.  Because of thy great bounty, Lord, each day I live.  I shall divide my gifts from Thee with every brother that I see, Who has the need of help from me."  I've been thinking about this theme a LOT more in the last couple or few weeks.

Almost two weeks ago we picked up food from our church.  It doesn't feel good to be in such need.  I've been struggling very much with being so needy lately.  But there is a certain comraderie among those of us who are struggling to obviously.  One sister and her daughter helped me load my van and commented on the pineapple.  She mentioned that she hadn't ordered a fruit in season cause you never know what you're going to get, but they love pineapple and she wished she had.  I figured it was God's food anyway (and isn't ALL of it!), AND I had two, so why not give her one of 'em!  So, I did.  She was SO happy!  And she told me that she'd given one of her milks to someone who had inadvertently not placed an order for milk.  How NEAT is that?    And we're all of us there in some pretty serious financial LACK.  But we're still givinging and sharing with one another!  What a joy to know and experience!!!!

Not only have I been in financial need (and it's getting more alarming as we keep on cause though Jess has had some work (I pray the Lord will BLESS our friend who has employed him so frequently!) we're getting further behind), but I've felt rather beat down emotionally and some mentally, too, as a result of certain... events.  I cannot explain here because I would end up speaking poorly about another person.  Feeling the horribleness is far too much.  I should not have spoken any, I am trying NOT to speak any more of it.  The result is the same, though... I've been feeling like pooh.

Well, remember how the Lord figuratively cornered me and told me I had to ask for help otherwise the pretty words I'd spoken to a friend who needed help were just pretty words and not me living the truths I was speaking?  Well yall, I'm living 'em!!  Seriously.  It's probably one of the most emotionally difficult things I've actively done.  And I totally had a way out of actually DOing anything.  But the Spirit kept prodding and pushing me to SPEAK my need.  Let me tell you... NOT easy.  NOT comfy.  NOT...  LOTS of things.  But I did it.  (pouting child that I am)  And the help came.  FOUR sisters and one young man who ALL worked to help me.  They did it with cheerful countenances and sweaty brows and upper lips (cause we don't AC 'round here ya know!).  *sigh*  And they were SO kind and so VERY loving in all they did!!!  I'm so very grateful and feel an ever stronger urgency to serve so that I may Love others in kind!!

So, I did some today.  I helped with something that was not urgent, but was desired.  I did something my friend could not physically do and it felt GOOD.  Of course, I also got to spend time with a wonderful person and talk and learn.  So, really, I think I benefited far more than any good I did (which was FAR less than it shoulda been cause Jimmy was a bit needy).  And I gave from my lack.  I've been lacking cheerfulness, but I feel cheered after receiving and giving!  I've lacked feeling the Hope I had been feeling before the really rough patch of last week... but now I feel truly LIFTED!

There is a song I love on z88.3 that says, "Before my God fall on my knees, And rise, I will rise."  It's a God thing: how such seeming contradictions happen.  They can.  They DO!  Like the whole: in giving you have more.  That's not as obviously possible in the temporal world, but in the Spiritual... it's almost (if not) immediate!!!  What a GIFT to experience it!!!

So, obviously, I believe that giving is important even if I think I'm the needy one.  In giving I'm more, so I can handle more... or, more likely, it's handled for me by virtue of the death-to-self thing.  Our God IS an AWESOME God!

And since I've been sharing some of our favorite songs, I figure I might as well share some more!  ^_^  HERE is another one.  It is another worship songs we love to hear on the radio entitled: Our God is Greater.  Apparently we really like Chris Tomlin!  ;)  I had no idea until now that we so thoroughly enjoy SO many of his song.  And HERE is another of his, which we enjoy on the radio.  And LEAD ME by Sanctus Real is still a huge fave on the radio!  And THIS one is the one I think of when I think the phrase, "Our God is an Awesome God!"  Another GOOD song.  :)

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