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Saturday, June 25, 2011

About Birth

Women are made to make babies and give birth.  We just are.  Period.  End of story.  But not.

The etablishment has brought uncalled for amounts of fear into the process because it LOOKS for problems.  Problems that are, admittedly, possible, but not necessarily probable.  Labor to get our baby does not have to be painful.  Mine have been to one degree or another, but that was not necessary.  I know this absolutely because in my last experience I had discomfort (the kind resulting from hard work), but not pain through the majority of my laboring to birth Jimmy.  I ended up in pain because I stopped working hard on maintainging my Faith OVER fear.  The pain came furious then and I had a good bunch of hours of almost constant pain (since I was stuck at 8cm dilated because Jimmy was acyclitic).  Birth is not MEANT to be painful.  If it was, then men would be MEANT to have pain in eating... and/or in doing all that is required to get to the point of eating.

We're good strong women, aren't we?  We can handle basically everything that comes our way.  We desire to keep our temple bodies clean and pure from all the things that we could otherwise use to make our way easier... UNLESS, of course, you're talking about labor to deliver our babies... and then so many women say: "Give me the drugs, give me the epidural!!  I don't know and I don't care what kind of effect it could have on my child!  I don't care that I could end up parlayzed!!  I just don't want to have any pain in labor!"  And I say, then focus on God and use your Faith to push out fear and become an overcomer!

I am in awe that SO many STRONG women are so willing and ready to "give up" when it comes to labor.  They even desire to give up before they've begun because they don't WANT to experience what they've heard it could end up being.  WHY!!???  Even if the process was a nightmare of constant pain to get your baby, you know that pain will end at a very specific point: BIRTH!

And don't you know, the more interventions, the more likely there will be more and greater interventions.  C-section anyone?  That's FULL ON surgery.  And I truly believe that deceiver has in mind that C-Sections become THE way to have children because then he wins in limiting family size right off the bat.  There are not many uteruses that can handle being cut more than three times.  Regardless of how many Spirits the Mama and/or Daddy promised to bring to the earth in their pre-existance.

Finally, giving birth is part of fulfilling the measure of our creation.  Giving birth under influence of drugs does NOT satisfy.  Look at it how you will, you do NOT know how much you can do until you have given birth completely naturally (and especially true if birthing in Hospital because at home it's SO much easier!).  Even a marathoner, who has run several, will be amazed and empowered by her womanhood when she endures and comes successfully through natural childbirth.  I'm sure of it cause I know one.

I know labor is difficult.  Trust me.  I KNOW.  But it DOES end.  The trickiest part is that we don't know WHEN it will... that's the kicker that makes it most difficult.  But neither do when know when lots of things will end.  But we still do 'em.  Like life.  And, for the most part, we don't go around in a drug-enduced pain-free short-term paralysis to avoid the difficulties and trials we encounter in life.  Sure, plenty do.  Both legal and illegal.  But I truly believe MOST of us do not.  So why do it for a MUCH shorter difficult period: labor?

Of course, I DO understand that there are extinuating circumstances: like emergent C-Sections after extended labors.  My Mom had one.  The baby came out 11 pounds 13 ounces.  Yeah, maybe that was really necessary.  Perhaps, though, that babe was simply acyclitic and could've been born naturally if the Doc had known to suggest certain positions during contractions.  Who knows.  Under the circumstances of the birth that was, it was an emergency C-Section.

However, if our Heavenly Father has directed you to have #1 a planned C-Section, or #2 an epidural... and you are completely assured that your discernment is clear AND your husband has verified this plan of action under guidance of the Spirit... then THAT's ALL you gotta tell a girl like me.  Cause if Father God says so, HE's the last word any of us needs.

But make sure your hubby is completely supportive.  Perhaps he feels powerless to advocate for the child you carry because you carry it in YOUR body.  He may not be thrilled with the whole "automatic drug acceptance and even request" that may be your plan.  Unfortunately, we live in a time and culture that does not cherish and esteem our Patriarchs.  But we have commited, by marriage, to hear our husband's council.  And, I believe, to hear the word of the Lord through our husbands when they are in righteousness and speaking under Guidance of our Father.

So, that's what I think about that.

If you got all the way to the bottom here, thank you for reading.  There will be a test later.  ;)  not really

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