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Monday, June 13, 2011

Become a Host Family!

If you have a little "extra" space in your home and heart, you might consider hosting a Foriegn Exchange student.  They are flying in during the month of August.  In my area, they stay 10 months.  Elsewhere they may be able to stay one semester.

Are you interested?  Curious?

If you have little ones at home (not quite teenagers), you'll need a room with a bed for your student for the duration of his or her stay.  If you have teenagers of high school age, your student can share a room with your child of near age and same gender.  They simply need their own bed.

Our students represent countries all over the world including: Brazil, Germany, France, Korea, China, The Netherlands, Sweden, and more.  Your student will come with their own insurange and money (you do NOT have to pay for any of their extra-curricular activities).  They are NOT allowed (under any circumstances) to drive their Host Family's car.  If the school will allow it, they may take a driver's ed class, but cannot drive any other vehicle.

You will provide breakfast and an evening meal during the week and all meals on the weekend and holidays.  They either purchase a school lunch or pack a lunch to bring.  They can shop for their own food to pack or you can let them choose from what you have.  Exchange Students are meant to become another member of the family.  So, they should have chores just like your child(ren) and abide all house rules.

If this sounds interesting to you, let me know.  We'll talk more about it and if you decide you'd like to Host a student from somewhere else in the world, we'll get you in the system.  :)

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