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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

As It Turns Out

As it turned out today was NOT as quiet a day as I was hoping for before our outing this afternoon.

Right around 3.5 years ago I collapsed with a horrible pain in my back.  I later found out about some stuff that could've been the spiritual root of my physical problem.  My back pain and the incident occurred at basically the same time - if not exactly the same time.  Interesting, no?

Since then I did have one other time when my back hurt, but not to the point that I collapsed.  It just hurt a lot out of nowhere.

Anyway.  My back hurt so baddly that I had to get to the floor.  It was more painful than it may have otherwise been because I was holding Jimmy when it happened and had to carefully set him down.  Additionally, I couldn't breath properly.  Literally like a knife in my back, pointing up into my lungs.  Once on the floor I called Jessie.  THANKFULLY he works so close to home right now!  He was home in a flash and was able to do as he did last time, which resulted in me being able to stand again.

What an experience.  No quiet early part of the day today!  *sigh*

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