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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Parable of the Walk in the Dark

There went out a woman, holding her newborn child, at night to find tools with which to accomplish her work.  She went from her well-lit home quickly, slowed her pace as she approached the deepening dark on her way into the cavernous darkness of her garage.  Therein she turned on a light and quickly found that which she sought.  She turned again and put out the light, closed up the cavern, and made her way slowly around obstacles, difficult to discern due to the dark.  As she approached her home, the light increased and her pace with it.  She returned to the comfort of her home and once more felt the peace therein which peace she had not realized was absent until it was renewed.  Let them that hath ears to hear, let them hear.

The interpretationS thereof:

The Temporal Reality

When we are in a well-lit area (home), we see easily.  We carry our responsibilities calmly and well.  (The newborn baby.)  When we move from the light to the darkness, it takes time for our eyes to adjust and we may encounter objects in our path that we cannot see and thus we may get hurt, so we walk more slowly that we may feel our way and avoid pain.  When our eyes do adjust, we still cannot see far or well, so we must tread carefully and slowly.  When we experience light once more, we can see easily to do what we need to do.  IF we have been accustomed to the darkness for some time, and our eyes have been able to see as well as possible in the dark, we will experience some pain if the light is full and bright quickly.  When we encounter darkness again, the cycle of pupil dilation repeats followed by constriction as we enter the light.

The Spiritual Reality  (Two Ways)

When we are living in the Light of Christ, all things are clear and discernable to our understanding.  We feel greater clarity and peace because we can move about freely and accomplish all that must be done.  If we move away from the Light (whether in sin or in Faith) [the home] we tend to move/do more slowly because in darkness we know we might get hurt.  If we are stepping into the darkness of sin, we often move slowly because the Spirit is directing us away from that which we think we desire.  If this is the case, we surely know it and probably "dabble" with being righteous and faithful along the path of sin.  [Thus the light in the garage.]  If we remain in sin very long, and then encounter light once more, it can be painful to us for many reasons.  If the darkness is that of sin, even when we choose to return to the constant Light of Christ, we must pass through darkness at least once more on our return trip.  Because we are focused on Christ more than anything else (when we truly desire to return and are not doing it only half-heartedly), the darknesses we may necessarily pass through will not be nearly as difficult to manage as the darkness experience prior to and immediately after the momentary "dabbling" with Light.  But passing through darkness again is necessary that we may return to the peace and constant Light of Christ. [The home... our eternal home with God the Father and our Saviour.]

If we are moving into darkness in Faith, we are striving to do the Lord's Will, not knowing much or what it may be, and trusting that He will Light our way when and as He sees fit to do so.  (Thus the light in the garage.)  There are repeating cycles of this, not just the two mentioned in the Parable, but the parable is a condensed version of Life.  If we are striving to do what we understand to be the Lord's Will and striving toward further Light and we endure to the end,  we will come to the end of our mortal sojourn and experience the gifts of peace and constant Light in our eternal home in the presence of our God, which will be our rest from every care.  (Thus the Light and Peace in the home, obviously.)

What a great experience these ideas were for me tonight!  I hope you've enjoyed them!!!  Have another interpretation?  Do share!

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