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Monday, May 16, 2011

Trials and Then Blessings

I truly believe that all things are a compound in one.  Blessings can/are trials and trials are (contain within them) blessings.  Even though that is true, in my experience, Heavenly Father doesn't stop at giving us the blessing within the trial, but continues beyond that and loads blessing upon blessing into our lives when we pass through "trials" trying to keep our eyes on Him and seeking always to do His Will.  Seriously awesome, good, kind, and over-generous stuff to my way of thinking!  And that is descriptive of our God!  :)

In my experience and comparing my life to the analogy of the orchard-man in the Bible... the trials of my life are the times of pruning.  The pruning is necessary at those times because those times happen to be the oppropriate "season" in the development of my "tree-self" for them.  The trials are the cutting away of certain places of my tree-self which result in either humbling and/or refining (usually AND! ^_^).  I often, if not always, see how the "pruning" work is really necessary because of how hugely imperfect I am.  Ever more and more I can see how the pruning is changing me to become a more productive and better individual in the whole orchard that I may provide more and better fruits for my "orchard-man."  And these times of pruning are truly and hugely necessary.  Whether I pass through with stellar performance (keeping my eye on Christ and striving with all my might to be as He is) or sub-par, Heavenly Father provides solace, comfort, and blessings so long as I've been striving in Christ, regardless of my actual performance.

I told you about the full van load of blessings the Lord gave me through my dear friend just this past Saturday.

Well, yesterday He gave more!  Truly pouring out the blessings!

I've been feeling VERY urgent about preparing our 7 day kits.  We have 72 hour kits (minus cash in small bills and quarters... working on that!), but building thos kits up by 4 more days is a rather big task to my small mind - considering our very small income currently!  One thing I've been worrying my little head about is the entertainment issue of children in emergency situations.  Silly, you may think... but we've been through some stressful situations just at home, and let me tell you... some "new" things to do are SUCH a relief and blessing!  Games.  Color books.  Books.  You know the drill.  Well, among all the gifts my friend gave us are loads of new-to-us books.  I will sneak some away to our 7 days kits!  YEAY!!

Yesterday, a dear sister in my ward family gave me a bag of wonderful school supplies.  Among the supplies I was blessed to find more than SIX new card games.  Among those were GO FISH, OLD MAID, and more!  I've snuck them off to load into the 7 day kits!  God IS Great!!!

Another sweet sister gave us a bag of girls shoes.  Awesome!  God is THE provider!  I just noticed among the bags of clothes my friend gave me on Saturday are shoes for Ria... sneakers in the size she needs!  I've been worrying my little head over that lately... when I should not, for I have had enough witness that the Lord will provide for ALL our needs.  Not just some.  ALL!!!!  Praise God, my Father in Heaven.  We are so very blessed to be loved by Him who loves us without condition!

Why all of these blessings?  I'm certainly not deserving and I recognize this truth poignantly.  I must stipulate that truth which I acknowledge and declare first.  Yet, I've done better in and through our more recent series of trials than ever before.  I love that I can see my personal progress by way of the mile markers of my trials!  The trials?  Here are some of them, starting with the tougher and moving down the list:  the job at Capt's Tavern.  That was a huge trial for me as well as (obviously) for Jessie.  When he suffers, I suffer.  And though I listen and advise, I cannot MAKE him do what is best.  He must.  So, in essence, I end up in a rather powerless position, which is excruciatingly painful and difficult for me.  Kat, Tea, and I being ill.  My Grampa Storms dying.  Worrying about my Mom (that was her Dad who died).  Worrying about my neice who was ill and had 2 febrile seizures within 24 hours.  Unemployment.  Uneremployment (which continues).  No success in finding host families for the foreign exchange students I've committed to find placements for.  And, of course, there are the constant and necessary stressors of: being a Mama.  Homeschooling.  Maintaining our home.  Entertaining.  Visiting Teaching.  etc.  etc.  etc.  These are all just part of life and living.  Yet they combine and compound at times.  We must endure... AND endure it WELL!  Although I could always do better... I did better than I've ever done.  And the blessings have come pouring out to us.  We are SO grateful!  God IS Great!!!!!

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