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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Quiet Days

Quiet Days at home are my very favorite.  I had a busy week last week and this week is pretty darn busy, too, but I have to say that quiet days at home are nearly heaven on earth to me.  Of course, I could do without the bickering as well as the out-right fighting that sometimes occurrs after a bunch of days staying at home.  And it's really apparent to this home-body Mama that my girls tend to prefer to be out and about (at least Ria and Kat do so far)!  ahwell...

Yesterday was a nice day.  At home.  NICE!

I'm still looking for homes for some Foreign Exchange Students.  If you're interested in becoming a Host Family, please DO let me know!  :)

I'll be posting a Thankful Thursday post on Thursday.  Until then I think I'll be quiet again.  Those are SUCH a great way for me to remember my week.  I actually come in and edit my post for TT almost daily sometimes.  QUICK journaling... I want to do more handwritten entries in my actual journal, but it's much harder to take the time for that.  At least I have these small reminders!  I hope you'll join, too.  Educating Evelyn is also just a great blog generally, but check her out on Thursdays especially (esepcailly if you want to link up a Thankful Thursday post!  ^_^

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