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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Super Sunday #3

Monday, April 29th i was sure i'd walked 5 miles in 2 hours.  When i plugged my route in to my Google Pedometer, i found that i's compeltely "only" 4.98 miles.  GAH!!!

Tuesday, i knew i'd walked a little more than 5 miles, but i had no idea about how long i'd been walking.  When i walked in the door, my eldest told me what time it was: exactly my same arrival time on Monday... AND i'd left at exactly the same time, too!  So, Tuesday, i walked 5.09 miles in exactly the same time as it took me to walk 4.98 the day before!!!  This just tickled me to no end.  EVERY improvement is something worth cheering myself on about, far as i'm concerned!!!  ^_^

The rest of the week i was able to walk daily and even had some good (for me) times.  By Saturday, though, my feet hurt horribly most of the day long and my left calf and shin were REALLY painful.  i decided that Sunday would be a complete rest day (no walk with the children).  I think it's helped... i sure hope so!

(didn't publish until Wednesday... forgot!)

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