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Saturday, May 25, 2013

What a Wonderful Day!

Today was March on Monsanto.  What a GREAT day for it!!!

This day has been JUST such an amazing and wonderful day! It SURE does feel good to KNOW i'm not alone in this fight against the bondage of poisoned food!!

We were blessed with two local places to march.  I chose the bigger city because a Temple (otherwise also known The House of the Lord) is also there.  The MARCH started at 2pm, but we left home at 10am so that we could make it to the Temple FIRST.  God first, of course.  :)

Our first stop found us waiting along with a rather large wedding party... why?  Because my girls wanted to see a bride.  Unfortunately, we were only able to catch a glimpse as we drove away, but, thankfully, my three were satisfied.  :)  It was sweet and wonderful to hear their exclamations of pleasure in seeing her and their admiration of her beauty (and the dress's).  ^_^  My girls are SUCH girls!  i'm glad.  I sure wouldn't want them to be stuck like me.

While at the Temple i happened to see a woman from my previous Ward (church group).  She seemed genuinely happy to see me, which was very uplifting.  :)  It was very good to see her, too.

Our second stop: MARCH ON MONSANTO, lasted all of about three and a half hours.  Part of that time spent looking for the parking garage in which i'd left the van.  Yes, this misplacement was only realized at the end when i was trying to depart the downtown area.  See, here's the thing: i DO actually know how to walk away from places when traveling (always look back so the return trip is familiar and you'll recognize where you're going), but it did NOT help me this time!!!  *sigh*  Chalk it up to preggie brain and fatigue.  (Kat reminded me, a bit later, when i felt especially frustrated about my fatigue that i DID wake up really early today.  She's right, of course... 5:45am is pretty early, though, amazingly enough it is NOT earlier than i have awakened for my walks of late, but it is still early AND THEN to also be out in the hot sun.)

As a RARE treat for the wonderful behavior of my children during the hour of speeches and then the 2+ mile march, we went to Chick-Fil-A for dinner.  Thankfully, i really do NOT have to worry about their behavior in restaurants much!  I know, my choice of "treat" is pretty ironic given that many items on the menu there have GMOs as part of their composition... not on purpose, but because it's sorta just THERE (gmos, I mean) when you buy something already prepared.  And, if one should be so blessed as to find that there are NO GMOs... well, unless it's organic, you can bet your bottom dollar that it was treated with man-made fertilizers and/or pesticides.  BOTH of which are decidedly HORRIBLE for the human system.  *sigh*  We still had a LOT of fun!  We stayed extra long so the children could play in the playground.  It was SUCH a pleasure for me to watch Ria and Kat help Jmy get through the playground so he could slide and hide and peek through a window to wave.  I sure do LOVE my children!!!

The baby may have enjoyed the playground time, too....  When the girls were helping and playing so nicely with Jmy the baby was just bouncing around in my belly as if to say, it seemed to me: "Oh, please let me out to play, too!"  i couldn't help thinking a response to my baby, "Yes, you will love playing with these siblings of yours!  You sure are blessed to come into this family with THEM!"

I actually DID take some pictures.  But i'm WAY too tired to upload them at this time.  Sorry.  I'll try for it sooner than later.  Yes, i could be more ambiguous, but i'll refrain.  ;)

Have (or hope you HAD) a SUPER wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!  Stay safe and be GOOD.

If you don't know about GMOs, March on Monsanto, or the dangers to our Food Supply, please take time to learn.  March on Monsanto is also on Facebook and in the beginning stages of planning ANOTHER march for October 12.  It's such a great opportunity to become politically active about something that REALLY matters!  If you care about your family and/or children and their future (especially their ability to be healthy and choose their own food), you really MUST learn about this issue)!!!

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