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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Super Sunday #6

The 22nd finished my sixth week of walking.  If you recall last week's post, at the very beginning of week six, i had to reduce my walk time down to 1 hour from 2.  My mileage is also proportionally reduced.  I hope to be able to continue the 1 hour walks until the end of this pregnancy, but will definitely make a new decision if it becomes necessary.

I've continued to miss the hour i reduced out of my walk, but i feel significantly better in at least a couple ways.  #1: my feet don't hurt like they did and #2: i've been taking a nap after my walk, which has worked out WAY better than trying to nap during my children's quiet time.  Quiet time naps were so hit or miss - based on the behavior of my daughters.  I often gave up trying to take a nap in extreme frustration or got up from nap time exhausted and angry because they were not actually BEING quiet and as a result, i couldn't actually nap at all.

Napping in the morning (particularly most days, since Jessie is home) is actually possible and restful.  I've had to shift things around and i really don't prefer this change, but it definitely makes it easier in enough ways that i am keeping it this way rather than trying to force myself to plod along in utter exhaustion as i ended up doing most days when i was trying to nap during quiet time.  Given how close i'm getting to the baby's projected "due date," i'm just working on being kind to myself, accepting my limitations, and rejoicing in the consistency i am able to maintain - even if it's not the same quantity i'd prefer.  :)

I sure am glad to still be walking, though!!!

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