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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Super Sunday #4

This week has gone well.  Can you believe, as of this past Wednesday, i've been walking for FOUR weeks (six days each week)!  i'm tickled pink about this accomplishment!  NOT proud... i know this accomplishment is not of me.  Many mornings i wake before the alarm... that is not the natural-Tori... that is God's Grace full-on!

Also, as of this just past Thursday, i've been walking in the EARLY a.m.  THIS is phenomenal... like character-change-incredible for me, really truly!  i'm serious, yall.  i mean, when i was younger (as far back as i can remember and until April 10th (11th is when i first woke early to walk)!), mornings have ALWAYS been rough for me.  i would rather sleep in and stay up most of the night than wake early for much of anything.  Anyway... this change is exciting, to say the least!  ^_^  While i am excited and grateful, i must AGAIN acknowledge that this is in NO way a result of ME: Tori.  This is God all the way!  Am i willing to be changed?  Surely!  Finally sufficiently to acctually be ABLE to change... but God is the change-maker!!!

This week has been slower as pertaining to the speed of my walks.  Why?  BOTH of my feet and my left calf (and both shins) hurt pretty horribly by Saturday.  Shoes may be an issue... hoping for a resolution to that problem sooner than later, for sure!  By Saturday night they were NOT improved (as they usually were the other days since i've been walking and they've been hurting) and i was worried.  So, i did as little as possible Sunday (not as little as i planned since Jessie needed attention/help with/for his infected tooth), but more than i normally enjoy.  i also used essential oils morning and night as i had been for a few days... massaging my feet and lower legs.

Monday morning i woke feeling hopeful.  My feet did NOT hurt and my calf did NOT hurt... my shins didn't hurt either!  However, as i walked (and i took it very slow Monday morning) my left foot started hurting again and my right KNEE started hurting!?  What's up with THAT!?  *sigh*  So, i took it really easy on Monday's walk, Tuesday's was also quite slow and Wednesday was slow, but faster than the other two days.  i'm just glad to still be walking 3+ miles and spending between 1.5 and two hours in prayer and listening to uplifting and enlightening messages!  :)  Sunday night, Tuesday night and Wednesday i used Theives Oil on the bottoms of my feet and in the areas with the most pain... Tuesday and Wednesday on my knee.  Seems to REALLY help!

~                                      ~                               ~ ~ ~                                  ~                                       ~

All of the above is describing my newest addition to taking care of me: walking.  To recap my personal care to date (and starting with what i do first in a given day): i walk 2 hours first thing (lately between 6 and 8am or right around then), "kimchi" and faster LOW squats (think position for birthing), shower, essential oil self-massage when/where necessary, scripture reading, journal entry (many days, but not EVERY day), and prayer.  i usually hold family devotionals sometime around 9am and then reading class with Tea soon thereafter.  This whole process takes up a good portion of the morning, which works here since Jessie is usually home until later morning and the children get time with him while i take care of myself.  If i go out into the house while he's home, he often wants to talk to me and they won't/don't get his attention.... and i have a more difficult time with them because they've missed their Daddy time.

i'm gearing up to have lots less time with/for myself with the birth of our #5.  During pregnancy with each of the children since Ria (didn't feel it with Ria, really), i wanted to run away for a night or two alone... in a hotel or something AWAY.  This makes perfect sense to me now... i wasn't doing much of ANYTHING to take care of me!!!  This time, i feel perfectly fine with things as they are.  i feel whole and/or healing and WELL and/or becoming well!

It's not selfish to take care of ourselves.  i have more to give as i become more!  :)

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