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Monday, May 6, 2013

Meditation Monday #30

Today is day 332 of my meditation journey.
i am amazed to consider that i am only about a month (33 days) short of meditating for one year!  Seriously!  i was thinking about it just the other day and i thought i was closer to nine months than to a year.  So, i'll definitely make it to my year anniversary of meditating before the baby is born, God willing baby stays put at least until due.  :)

Recently, i've been able to incorporate a few longer (33 minute) meditations.  My preference would be to do them that long (or longer!) if i could, but i do have a family for which i need to do things.  i'm still primarily doing Kirtan Kriya, but every once in a while i'm able to also do a Conquering Anger Meditation, too.

Remember, though... i've been walking daily since early in April (except Sundays), i still also read my scriptures morning and night and pray morning and night... so, when i consider that, i can see pretty clearly why i am feeling better.  i'm FINALLY taking care of myself!!  The following are how i believe i am taking care of myself: physically (my walks), mentally (reading when i can, doing my bit online, and prayer/scripture study), emotionally (prayer, self-speak; particularly outloud), and spiritually (prayer: especially the spoken out loud ones!, scripture reading/study, and meditation).  If you know me or have been reading along here for a while, you'll readily recall that i have added on different self-care practices VERY slowly.  It's doable!  One BABY-step at a time!  ^_^  Even with four children and homeschooling!

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