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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Super Sunday #5

As of Wednesday that has just passed, i've been walking 5 weeks.  YEAY!

This week started out much better.  MUCH less pain when walking.  My shins haven't hurt, my knee is better, my calf is fine and my feet hurt only at the very end of the walk!  Such wonderful improvement.  It really is worth reducing the walking distance i did last week.  :)  I was able to take my regular 2 hour walk on Monday and Tuesday.  YEAY!

However, due to my increased need to evacuate, the extreme pain in my feet by the end of my walk on Tuesday, and the almost constant Braxton Hicks in my belly while walking, i've reduced my walk time.  Starting Wednesday, i walked about 1/2 the distance, which took about half the time.  I definitely have missed the hour that i have not walked each day, but am SO glad for the hour i DO have.  My feet haven't hurt and i've been able to take a nap in the early morning, which seems to be working MUCH better than me trying to nap during the children's quiet time.  THAT ended up being just a huge frustration for me and i ended each day feeling sick as a result of feeling SO tired.

So, i'm still walking... just less.  i still feel good about walking at all, though!  Especially in this stage of advanced pregnancy.  ^_^  My "due date" swiftly approaches.  Obviously, that means give or take 2 weeks... and, with me, that usually means: "give an extra 5-17 days"!  heeheehee

Oh... one NICE blessing that has shown up this past week: i started to wake up around 530am each morning for my walk withOUT the alarm!!!  This is huge.  if you know me, you know HOW huge.  If not... well, let me just say that this is basically like unto a personality change.  i've mentioned it before, i'm pretty sure, but you really don't know how truly HUGE this change is.  And the fact that i'm waking 1/2 an hour before my alarm... even more amazingly huge change!!  So, God is working on me!  And i'm SO grateful!!

Do you see God working in your life?  How?  I'd love to hear!  :)

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