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Monday, May 13, 2013

Genetically Modified Organisms: GMOs

Do you know about this issue?  It is a tremendous danger to our world.  Yes, our whole world.  Won't you join me in taking a stand and making a difference.  We truly CAN if we WILL!

GMOs are infecting heirloom seed varieties.  We will lose variety of seeds as the GMO seeds continue to increase in usage and propogation.  But, really, that's not the most important problem we face.  It's REALLY important, but being egocentric as we humans are, when something impacts us directly it is more meaningful.  And truly, THIS issue impacts us as personally as possible!

This technology will, increasingly and negatively, impact the health of every human on the planet if we do not stop the progress of the agri-businesses responsible for promoting and perpetuating this destructive technology.  Yes, i'm absolutely serious.  They already are making consumers sick and if genetically sensitive: sterile, too!  GMO seeds are bad enough, but in addition to them, the chemicals required for their maintenance are truly horror inducing if you are informed, even a little bit.

Additionally, if you don't already know about The Codex Alimentarius, you must inform yourself about it.  Issues pertaining to GMOs are going to advance the precepts and principles in the Codex if we're not watchful, mindful, and making sure to prevent the advancement of the truly detrimental directives in the Codex!

Monsanto is among the evil corporations responsible for this disasterous technology in the USA.  If you don't know about them, you REALLY need to inform yourself!

Also, there's a march to protest what Monsanto is doing.  May 25th.  There are places ALL over the place where people are uniting to protest this horribly detrimental stuff!  i'm attending one near me.  i hope you'll be at one near you.  We can be there "together"!  :)  Check THIS out to find out where you can attend near you!  Join me!  Let's stand against those who would poison our food supply from the seed up!


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