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Friday, May 17, 2013

Freaky Friday

Not that i'm starting a new Weekly thing or anything, but i'm feeling quite freaked out.  If you would PLEASE take the time to read the information i'm pasting into this blog.  And then, please let me know if you already knew this stuff.  Freaky Friday describes how i'm feeling this Friday: FREAKED out.  Maybe it won't seem like such a big deal to you... but then, maybe you aren't awake or aware to the implications of The UNCRC (United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child) and/or the innumerable and escalating incidences of State sancioned child takings there have been lately.  If you ARE aware/awake to those two things, specifically, and learn something new in the words that will follow, i'd REALLY appreciate it if you'd communicate with me about the connections you see and their implications.  Please.  i know it takes time to write to me in comment or via email, but i could really use some wise eyes/minds that are open and aware with whom to communicate about this info and it's implications!  Thank you, in advance, for sharing your time with me!

The following is copied completely from this is the URL: http://www.thewomenwarriors.net/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=483

Once again, before you begin reading, please KNOW that i am NOT the originator of the following information.  i have copied and pasted from the above site, which is a copy and paste from a PDF pages 10-12.  The URL for the PDF is: http://www.teamlaw.org/Warn1.pdf

Thank you for reading and sharing with me!

Family Ties

My sister-in-law lives in a very conservative Utah community wherein most of the people place a stringent guard over the sacred union between husbands, wives, and children.

Yet several years ago, in that community, my sister-in-law’s natural born son came home from school shortly after he left in the morning.

On his way to school he’d been beaten up by a bully and ran home. His mother called the school to inform them that her son would not be to school that day, relating the reason why. The receptionist said she’s have the principal call in about a half hour because he was in a meeting that would last that logn.

About 20 min. later, there was a knock at the door. It was the principal. He demanded she bring her son to the door threatening that he would call the police, have her arrested and declared an unfit mother if she didn’t. Out of fear she got her son.

The principal said, ‘During school hours you are not his mother or guardian, the state is his parent.’ The principal then took her son back to school with him.

That day, my sister-in-law went to the school board and filed the papers to allow her son to be home schooled.

The next day she kept her son home and about an hour after school started there was a knock at the door. It was the principal again demanding entry. This time he had a social worker with him and he was intent on having her whole family removed from her as an unfit mother.

She refused their entry and showed the social worker the school board documents which proved that the state determined she was competent sufficient to home school her son.

Disappointed by the fact the intruders left.

Two years later, in Texas, my sister’s daughter was just starting First grade. Her father often drove her to school and because he thought her classes started ten minutes later than they did she was often tardy.

In that county a certain amount of tardies equals an absence, and, if a person goes beyond a certain number of absences the parent are subpoenaed with the child into the local court where they are fined a minimum of $100.oo as if a crime had been committed. The court has been recognized as having ‘state aurthorty’ to remove the children from the family.

What’s going on?
How could the state have gained such power over the people?
Over our children?
Or, are they our children?
Who are we?
Where are we?
The answers to these questions are found in history, logic, and Law.
They will surprise you.

In America, people with children are usually married --- with a corporate state granted marriage license.

Now, everybody knows that a license is “permission to do something that would otherwise be illegal’; and,

Where Common Law marriages are lawfully recognized in every state, it is not otherwise illegal married without a license.

Remember how you first learned about common law marriages. I was walking to school with a friend. A new family had just moved into the neighborhood and my friend told me that they had a common law marriage.

I asked, “What is that?”

My friend told me it meant they had lived together in sin for over seven years, so now their marriage was legal.

Most of us learned about marriage from parents, churches, or from school. But, did we learn the whole truth?

The truth is that the seven year rule is common law. It’s even Biblical. It’s a property law called the “Law of Jubilee”, which says that every seven years (grand jubilee = 50 years) all debts are forgiven, and whatever has been called something for seven years, or more, is what it was called.

Though a responsibility in marriage is proven by jubilee, that is not the limits of common law marriage.

Common law marriage is defined by “agreement” and “consent”.

Jubilee proves the existence of both agreement and consent, because if you haven’t contested the union within seven years jubilee says you waived your right to contest it and therefore you gave your consent by tacit admission.

In a common law marriage the “agreement” is between the spouses to be, they must agree to be married.

“Consent: comes from the father of the bride. He must agree to give his daughter to the bridegroom.

Under common law, if a couple has both agreement and consent they are married. That’s all there is to it.

The moment agreement and consent are in place the bride and groom are married, and that marriage can then be lawfully consummated.

Marriage often result in the creation of children. Children are created in the image of God. Therefore such a union is sacred and often tied to a great deal of ceremony, religion, pomp, and circumstance.

Now, back to the “License”.
Marriage License

Whereas, “license” means permission to do that which would otherwise be illegal’; and,

Whereas, it is not otherwise illegal to be married under the law; and,

Whereas, the only other reason it would be unlawful for two consenting adults to be married is if they ware otherwise incompetent;

Therefore, if a couple goes to “the state” and asks for the state a license, where there is no other reason for them to need a license other than incompetence, in law, those requesting a license must be incompetent because that is the only reason they could possibly need a license.

Now, one must ask, “When a bride and groom are incompetent to be married without a state license and that state grants that license, Who is responsible for the marriage?”

Answer: The grantor, the state.

Who is responsible for anything created in such a license marriage?

Answer: The grantor, the state.

And, what, typically, is the only thing “created” in such a marriage?

Answer: Children.

So I ask you, “Who do the children created in a state license marriage belong to?”

Answer: They belong to the state.

Believe it, or not. Just check out the evidence:
Evidence #1 --- The state social services stand their authority on a doctrine called “Parens Patria” which is Latin for “parent by the country”. In modern usage parens patria is understood to mean “the state is the parent” [if you’d like to see an in depth WARN report on this doctrine let us know].
Evidence #2 --- When U.S. doctors deliver chidren from the womb they are required to create a document known as a: Record of Live Birth.
Is it given to you? No.
You’re given a: Birth Certificate.
So what happens to the Record of Live Birth?
And what is that?
It is a subdepartment of the “DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE”.
And, what is the, “DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE”.
It is where the U.S. keeps track of its possessions.
This evidence indicated that the state is declaring the children as their possession at birth.
Evidence #3 --- New statutes require hospitals to assign Social Security Numbers to each child before birth, or without the natural parents signature or permission. (read “Independence Day” in this issue)
Evidence #4 --- Why are each of the childbirth performing hospitals in the U.S. registered as “Ports of Entry” into the U.S. when virtually none of them have incoming foreigners?
Evidence #5 --- Birth records and Census reports are used as collateral for U.S. loans and as proof of the subservient nature of the people under control of the U.S. government.
It’s Scary.
It’s proof of the war.
It’s fulfillment of Biblical prophesy.
And, if we don’t do something to change things we’ll have no promise from the King of Kings (other than judgment).

First we learn what happened.

In times past, there were no licenses of marriage except in cases where it was unlawful to otherwise marry.

For example, Biblical Law forbids the intermarriage of races, so, the statutes of this nation (which were based on Biblical law) prohibited marriage between persons of different races. If a white person wanted to marry a black or an Indian they were, by statute, required to get a license.

Marriage records were kept in family Bibles, then in the County Clerk and Recorder’s offices. Statutes were created to allow anyone desiring a license to obtain one. Churches were used to assist in getting people to use marriage licenses as a manner or recording marriages. Over time people began to believe the licenses were required by law, even though they were otherwise incompetent.

Now, remember, the promise given to Israel, was that if we maintain our stewardship, we’ll inherit the earth.

Our stewardship starts with our families. Isn’t it ironic that the document typically used to being a marriage is the same document used by the corporate state to remove our children from us? And nobody ever even warned us, because government employees were just doing their jobs.

Whenever we discover we’ve erred, we can repent. The error was asking the state of a marriage license.

Repenting includes fixing the damage.

Some people would tell you that to remove the marriage license you have to revoke or rescind your signature from the request for the license.

However, as a matter of law, revoking or rescinding a signature admits that you signed it in the first place.

What if you never signed the request for license? Then there would be no license in existence.

In contract law there is no signature if full disclosure is not given with presentation of the agreement.

In the case of the marriage license, if you used one, you were likely not informed that:
1. The grantor of the license is a privately owned corporation;
2. licensing with them wasn’t necessary for you to be married;
3. If you request a license from them you were declaring yourself incompetent; and,
4. You were signing over possession of your future children to them as collateral.

Therefore, if 1, 2, 3 and/or 4 above are true in your case then the contracting license is void, without signature from the beginning.

So what about your marriage?
Legal & Lawful Marriage

Well think about it. If the two of you want to get a “required” license, you must have had agreement. And, if you had her fathers blessing you had his consent and therefore under common law (and/or Biblical Law) you were married without the license before the license was issued.

The churches rightfully want people to have “legal and lawful” marriages.

A common law marriage is a “lawful” marriage, meaning it fulfills law. The accent in the lawful marriage is the fact the parties of the marriage have an agreement, they have the father’s consent, and they are bound by their acceptance of, and consummation of, the marriage.

A “legal” marriage indicated a written contract or marriage. The accent in the legal marriage is the document that binds the marriage.

All you have to do to make a lawful common law marriage a “legal and lawful” marriage is make a legal record of the union made under common law.

In other words, if you legally record your contract of marriage with the County Clerk and Recorder. Such a record is a legal record and the common law marriage is both a lawful fact and a matter of legal record, i.e. “legal and lawful”.

If your original marriage agreement was verbal, you can later legally reduce it to writing and make it binding from the first moment of your agreement and consent by making your contract “nunc pro tune”, which means, “now as if then.”.

Knowing these things prior to marriage on some interesting questions especially if you or the father of the bride have religious beliefs (like I do) that cause you to desire to go through an ecclesiastic leader that may be unaware of the truth and therefore believes that you have to have a state issued marriage license.

The solution is simple.

If it was me, I would obey the law.

With agreement and consent, I would:
Create a Notice of Marriage stating that:
I and my spouse to be have an agreement to marry, show that we have consent of the bride’s father, and, give notice of the intended ceremony which when performed will bind, seal, and/or begin the Marriage union. I would have all related parties sign the document.

I would then go to the County Clerk and Recorder’s office and legally record the Notice with the marriage licenses. I would then get a couple of state certified copies of the Notice.

I would take a state certified copy to the ecclesiastic leader as evidence of the legal right to lawfully marry.

In Law your Notice has a greater authority than the state issued marriage license. The authority you will be using is the authority of common law in original jurisdiction, as was endowed upon man by birth. It is the same authority and power that makes you sovereign. It follows law.

The Notice is in accord with the laws of the individual states and is binding.
Taking your Family back

This problem started many years ago. It wont’ be removed overnight. The state took charge of our stewardships because we allowed them to.

People are a great source of wealth. If the state can convince you that you are under their control, as their asset or subject, then you won’t control them.

We are living with allege contractual bonds to parens patria, and we have been doing so in condemnation for at least three generations. It’s time we recognized the truth. It’s time to take responsibility for our families, our stewardships, and our lives.

Removing the marriage license won’t remove the entire problem in and of itself. It will, however, remove the foundation upon which the state builds its entire “parents patria” doctrine.

With the state’s foundation removed you’ve taken the first step to prepare for any battle that may come up where the state attempts to use social workers, or other forces, to interfere with your family.

You’ll be beginning to act like the sovereign that you are.

If your marriage is not made under their authority, they have no lawful right to interfere with your family unless you invite them to.

Step two: Stop inviting them to solve your family problems. Be self reliant.

It doesn’t’ mean that they won’t ever interfere. It does mean that if they do you’ve disarmed their #1 weapon.

You’ll need to learn more and to prepare to turn back any attack they bring against you, but foundationally you’ll be ready.

Even after we resolve our marriages, the problem is that the system that set up the parens patria system of control still exists and government officials still want us to believe we are their incompetent servants. We need to solve that problem by eliminating the incompetence. Thus:

Step three: You’re sovereign and therefore you’re responsible, so start acting like it. Learn the Law --- Obey and apply it, and when others trespass against you or yours, mercifully and justly hold them accountable to their trespasses. Accountability is the key.

If you’ll do it you’ll be well on the path to true freedom and liberty, and we’ll get our nation back.

Team Law can help.

That’s why we’re here, to help people wake up and learn the law.
Re-tie Family Ties

Typically for about the same reasons we had the marriage license problem we have the problem or raising our children in that same system that taught us that we needed to have the marriage license. That system that wanted us to be incompetent workers providing all of the “government’s needs”, believing that the “government” was supposed to provide our needs. When in reality we are responsible for providing all of our own needs and government’s responsibility is to insure that our rights and property aren’t trespassed.

The question is, “What are we allowing that system to teach our children?”

You don’t have to take your children out of the public school system. Though many have, successfully.

Within the public school system you do have to take an active part.

At the very least pay attention to what your children are learning.

I’m not talking about the school’s alleged subject matter. I’m talking about the public school’s end results: drugs, immorality, and crime.

You decide what’s best of your children. After all, ultimately, when it comes time for you to stand accountable for your stewardship, you won’t be able to blame the school for the outcome.

After all, you are the sovereign.

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