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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Out of the Loop

We had an awesome out of town guest, so I've been very busy with fun, but my mind has been much on the political problems that seem to abound as of late. So, I'm working on making my way through the news in my inbox so I can get back up to date. I'm definitely going to try to find out about a town hall meeting near here. Will you?

There is also this bit about a town hall meeting that has already been held in another area. You may have heard about it. I believe Sean Hannidy spoke about it.

You might be interested in this petition. It refers to the liberal bias (especially about the health "care" issue) of the media and our desire for unbiased information. If you have such a desire, check it out.

This is a letter to our leaders in DC asking them to support two bills that will specifically help move us away from CODEX efforts to end of free speech concerning health, nutrients, and herbal remedies. The thing that is most particularly interesting in these bills is that they are short and direct especially in relation to the ObamaCare bill. Why is this so interesting to me? Well, it immediately brought to mind something Nephi referred to much: plain and precious things being removed from the Bible and that the removal caused many to stumble. I suggest that, were he to live now, he might direct our attention to the lengthy discourge of Obamacare and how it requires lawyers to interpret it. Nephi also said something about how his soul delighted in plainnes. From other verses around those and some personal pondering, I think it is NO stretch to say that if something is not presented in PLAIN language, then it is not something that is quite as good as its interpreters might claim it to be, don't you think? If it were so good, couldn't they write it so that even a 4th grader could understand it? What are they hiding in all the Lawyer-ease? Me thinks they hide MUCH too MUCH for freedom to stand against!

HR 2749 passed the House on July 30th. This is a big problem because if it passes the Senate, it will suppress organic farmers, small farmers, ranchers, as well as natural food products, and could even be interpreted to disallow family farming (see Square Foot Gardening in your backyard - or any kind of back yard gardening). By so doing this bill pinches freedom into less than what Americans are Divinely Determined to have (since Father has established this land as free).

Please read and take action, if you believe in your right to choose the kind of food you consume. Of course, if you don't mind GM foods and don't mind big businesses (who have a bottom line to consider over our health) determining the kind of food you consume and don't mind if at some point you're incarcerated for having a back yard garden... don't read it. As for me, I think you know what I'm doing. STANDING FOR FREEDOM!

No less important is this whole swine flu craziness. Okay, so it is virulent. Do you know why it is so much so? It was created in a lab. Did you know that? Did you know that all available vaccines for it intensify the symptoms of it?

Anyway, an outrageous number of people die from the whatever-flu every year and there's not a yearly MANDATORY vaccine for any of them.
Is there? Have you looked at the ingredients list on some (if not most/all) vaccines? Scroll down on this page and look for a section that looks like a list for a gander. Do you want any of those ingredients in a newly concocted vaccine that may or MAY NOT work better than existing stock shot straight into your blood?

I have no problem with a voluntary vaccines, as has been to date. I DO have a problem with freedom being pinched and cut and squeezed and broken away from us without even an opportunity to fight for it. We are guaranteed the right to choose by our Constitution and Bill of Rights, but the movement toward socialism will/is reduce/reducing that right. Shouldn't we have the right to self-shield (meaning not taking a vaccine and staying at home until a quarantine is lifted (as opposed to being carted off to prison or held in an internment camp for refusing a vaccine)? It can happen. There is policy in place already that makes it possible for the government to declare mandatory vaccination and neither religious nor medical reasons will exempt us.

You might be interested in reading more about Oath Keepers. I'm in process of that now. So far it looks interesting. I'd love to hear what you think.


And back to HR 3200 (our Congresspersons will be revisiting this ObamaCare issue upon return after the current break). If you are a parent or grandparent, or hope to be either, this next bit might get you in the gut. It's a letter from another mother who homeschools, but the issue she presents does not concern only homeschoolers!

The health care bill pending in the House of Representatives contains a provision that is a great threat to homeschooling.

This provision provides federal funds for states to institute and promote "program-determined child and parenting outcomes."

It establishes home inspections by government employees to observe parent and child behavior, and monitor the attainment of outcomes - outcomes established by government. Those conducting the inspections are required to collect information about families, and provide this information to other government agencies.

This is a very dangerous provision.

"Program-determined child and parenting outcomes" is Washington-speak for "government bureaucrats will tell you how to raise and educate your children."

Setting aside its threat to parents everywhere, this provision will enable those who are hostile to homeschooling to establish any kind of outcomes they wish, including defining what constitutes quality

Under current law, government employees may not enter our homes without our permission unless they have a warrant. Families should not be made to allow government employees to enter their homes when they have committed no crime.

Don't think it can't happen here.

It is already happening in Great Britain.

Two thousand British "problem families" are already subject to home monitoring, with plans to place even more families under 24 hour video surveillance - inside their own homes. Funds have been allocated to install cameras in 20,000 homes to ensure that children attend school, go to bed on time, and eat proper meals.

I am not making this up.

"Sin Bins for Worst Families"

In our nation, homeschooling is already seen as outside the mainstream by those who oppose it.

For those who oppose homeschooling, it does not require a great intellectual leap to move from describing homeschoolers as "outside the mainstream families" to "problem families."

If this provision is allowed to move forward, I believe it will lead to the elimination of homeschooling as an educational option for American families. Regulation will become so strict and there will be so many
hoops to jump through, homeschooling in America will die a slow, quiet death.

Please contact your congressmen and senators - contact information is below.

* Let them know that the current health care bill, HR 3200, includes the "Support for Quality Home Visitation Program."

* Explain to them that this provision will allow government bureaucrats to establish "quality parenting outcomes." This means the government will tell you how to raise and educate your children.

* Encourage them to read the provision. They are the ones who will be voting on the bill - they should read it and understand it before they vote. It is in "Title IX - Miscellaneous Provisions, Section 1904,
Subpart 3 - Support for Quality Home Visitation Program, Section 440, Home Visitation Program for Families with Young Children and Families Expecting Children" of HR 3200 America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009.

* Encourage them to not rely on staff members to provide them with a summary. Staff members are often provided with inaccurate information as to what these bills really say.

* Ask them if they want someone in Washington to tell them how to raise and educate their children and grandchildren.

* Tell them you oppose any health care bill that includes a provision that grants government the authority to tell parents how to raise and educate their children.

* Tell them you want to preserve your right to raise and educate your children as you see fit - not according to a standard written by a government bureaucrat. This provision will erode that right.

Please make your voice heard. Contact your members of Congress.

It will be a sad, sad day if families in America are prevented from homeschooling years from now because we failed to act today.

Please post this email on your blog or website, and forward it on to all those you know who support homeschool freedom.

Karen Smith
Marietta, GA
Contact information for your senators and representatives

Enter your zip code in the upper right hand search box.

The text of the bill is here.

Scroll down about 3/4 of the way to find the text of the provision.

It is in Title IX - "Miscellaneous Provisions"
Section 1904
Subpart 3 - "Support for Quality Home Visitation Program"
Section 440 "Home Visitation Program for Families with Young Children
and Families Expecting Children"



vicki said...

I have to get back from work to completely read this. Yep, I will be acting.
My Congrm. and 2 Senators didn't have any town mtgs scheduled 'yet' last time I checked. I keep checking. I phone them, tho and they know where this lady stands!
love you, ,mom

Heidi said...

I have now taken the time to look into this issue but I fail to see how it pertains to homeschooling. It seems to be a voluntary home visitation program based on proven models. It seems to be designed to help low-income families receive training in nutrition, healthcare, discipline, school readiness and other parenting issues. Many schools in my area are doing this already and a principal I talked to just last week is very happy with the way the program is going. She has found that parents appreciate the home visits. It sounds like a good thing to me and I couldn't see any loophole in the bill that would allow government employees to barge into my home without a warrant. Am I missing something?

Barbara Frank said...

We must be vigilant.....these changes are coming fast and furious, because Congress votes on bills without reading them.

To your commenter Heidi, I say: As a longtime homeschooler (20 + years), I have never wanted any government representative in my house. They have no need to be there. It's not the responsibility of government to train families in anything! I consider those programs a way for the camel to sneak his nose into the tent.

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