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Saturday, August 29, 2009

We Cannot Afford the Luxury

In the past we could, to some extent or another, trust our government to make choices that were in the best interest of our Country. We are no longer in that past. We cannot afford the luxury of trusting them to make good choices. We cannot afford the luxury of NOT knowing the issues. We cannot afford the luxury of quietly hearing the goings on of Capitol Hill.

Currently, some leaders are willing and ready to sign The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. One such leader has guaranteed that the treaty will be signed during the upcoming session. Such an action would be disastrous for parents who believe they have first right to direct the upbringing up their children.

There are still some good leaders out there. On this issue, unfortunately, none of mine are among them. I will be working to change that through contact via phone, email, and snail mail. I hope you will check to see, via www.parentalrights.org, if your House and Senate Representatives are among them. If you live in Virginia (most of my family does), I can tell you right now that your Senators are NOT among the sponsors of the Parental Rights Amendment. Why do we need such a thing? Please DO read about it.

I'm sure there is more I should address. There is SO much TO address. I'm just worn out from my puny efforts to share news. Some of which has been negatively received, which is never easy. Father never said it would be easy. And it surely is not.

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