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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Personal Update

We're busy. But things are good, for the most part.

This week has not been quiet. Tuesday I actually left the house with just the baby! We went to the library and grocery shopping. She sat in the cart seat for only the second time (but this time was a lot longer than the first). She LOVED it. She seemed to really enjoy having me all to herself, too. :) What a sweet girl our Tea is!

She is, amazingly, not walking without holding on to someone or something. She's a bit of a scaredy-cat. Like me. :( But she's standing without holding on to anything much more frequently. She CAN walk, she just won't because of the whole scaredy-cat thing.

Thursday we brought Jess to work so we would have the van to get to our Homeschool Group's Open House. That was really interesting and nice. I enjoyed being among many women/families I knew were making the same tough choice we have! I still felt quite alone most of the time... ah, well. I think it's very much related to the depression I've been tied up in since my Uncle left. Ugh. Let me tell you, this stuff is NO fun. A sweet sister, Jean, from church called me as I was on my way home. One of my earth Angels whispered to by God to remind me that though I may FEEL alone, I'm not really. She just wanted to make sure I was okay because I didn't seem myself at church on Sunday (4 days prior). How kind of her! One of the "small" miracles in my life.

We arrived home in enough time to get something to eat and for the girls to "do school" and play a little bit before it was time to get going to church for Ward Council. I'm really glad it's only once a month just because keeping the van is not easy AT ALL. Right after WC was done, we went to pick Jess up from work. Thankfully we didn't have to wait for him this time!

Another "small miracle" followed the very next day. Friday I believe I posted the link to an article I read that effected me tremendously. My friend Stacy called while I was reading it, I called her back after I finished it. I was very upset, she'd been calling initially to see if we'd like company. She and her 2 daughters came over for the evening. It was LOVELY!

Jessie's family is coming to visit on Monday. We're very excited about the visit. As with all such good stress, it is still stress... probably mostly for Mamas. I haven't been able to clean as I would like because of my focus on politics... but it's not a pig's sty, either. :)

Today is actually a "down" day and I will hopefully accomplish more in the house than I have heretofore accomplished. We'll see.

Life will get busier for us coming in the foreseeable future. We have homeschool activities, volunteer opportunities, and Church activities/responsibilities to see to and attend. So, September (particularly 1 week in that month) will be quite busy. That one week will require me to take Jess to work 3 days in a row. Can we say... "Tired children"? I think there will be some! But I'm excited to be more often among women who really understand the realities of homeschooling. I've been homeschooling more often than not for around 3+ years now, but it's been quite lonely. I look forward to the feeling of buoyancy I have already felt in knowing some women who've made the same choice Jess and I have! It has already been sweet relief to know a few and become good friends with at least one such lady. ^_^

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vicki said...

somehow I missed this yesterday. So glad you are meeting more homesch families/moms. Be careful. don't wear youself out. love, mom

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