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Monday, August 10, 2009

A Good Resource

I found this really great place to go if you're really not sure how to go about contacting our representatives who work in DC. It's got good info on phone, fax, letter, and email contact methods. Also, it stresses something I've found wonderfully helpful (but doesn't say it this way), catch the "fly" with honey! I've found that asking for names and speaking to whomever answers the phone with the Golden Rule fully front in my mind creates a good working relationship. Also, I've reached the same assistant a couple of times now in one office and he was happy to talk to me when I told him who I was after our first pleasant interaction. What a treat! I hope you will look into it, if you feel leery of making your first contact. ObamaCare and the other Health and Tax related bills are truly important enough to make time for!

One a Personal Note
I'm really trying to make time to get some writing done on the things happening in our lives lately. I've just been so weighed down by my regular responsibilities with this new one (the political stuff) that I haven't been able to do many of the things I WANT to do... like write about my life! :) I'm going to, though.

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