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Saturday, August 22, 2009


One Watch
Have you heard of Family Watch International? They have a great newsletter that can help you stay "on top" of the news relating to family interests. Primarily, the focus of late has been on law maintaining the form of marriage (meaning between a man and woman). They also mention the CRC (UN Convention on the Rights of the Child). As a matter of fact, the most recent newsletter contained some interesting tidbits... like children being removed from their families and being put in foster care because their parents DARED put them in TIME OUT. Seriously. There was another bit about how the CRC is already being used in other countries. In my opinion its usage is nigh unto terrorism on the family.

And why not? The Deceiver and his Group: Gadianton know that the family is the foundation of the Society, so if they can undermine FAMILY, they will control the society. Of course, you already know I believe that TGG (The Gadianton Group) has a fall back plan. They know that if they can control people by means of that which they consume, they control the world. So, they are breaking apart the very foundations of Society (the world) and working to control us through complacency and fatigue.

Have I previously mentioned Weather Modification? How about fluoridated water? Well, if not the latter, then surely the former. They are certainly two prongs of the multi-pronged fork they have aimed at the majority (of the population)... another prong, of course, being control via food supply.


I feel such alarm. And I'm trying to do my part to take a STAND. Will you, too?

Do you?

Another kind of WATCH
Well, there is a great VIDEO I want to share. It was in the Family Watch newsletter. I hope you will take the few minutes it takes to watch it.

And yet another way to WATCH
Would you like to WATCH your Congressperson's choices more carefully? I certainly will. If you're interested in more information that they will vote on and how they voted, check out THIS and sign up for the newsletter. There is also a newsletter link from that page. You can get more info on the issues you are most concerned about by signing up there.

There does not seem to be such a helpful sort of information source for the Senate, from what I can tell. BUT, you can go HERE to see "Active Legislation" there is going on and one column is for House and the other for Senate bills. Somewhat helpful.

Not Exactly a WATCH, but something to Watch out For
Do you think it's possible that powers-that-be might work toward changing the wording of the ACTUAL Constitution? Would you like a copy for yourself so you can better learn and understand the founding document of our Country? You can get one FREE, HERE. Awesome, right?


vicki said...

YOu, my dear, are MOST diligent! wow. Thank you for sharing SO much. I still haven't read all that I want to from past blogs and the facebook. I will. love, mom

vicki said...

Under your heading "Another kind of WATCH" that is such a good address from WCF 5.

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