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Monday, August 17, 2009

Some History and More Information on the GM Stuff

"The GM firms present themselves as operating out of futuristic
laboratories and hi-tech greenhouses in order to provide farmers
with innovative crops with valuable new traits. But in reality,
all the leading GM firms developed out of the chemical industry
and they remain the world's biggest manufacturers of
agrochemicals. The leading GM corporations together control
nearly 75% of the global pesticide market.

...Having operated for many decades as major chemical
corporations, and in the last 20 years additionally as
biotechnology companies, the leading GM firms have a significant
historical legacy. This makes it possible to examine their
records when it comes to issues of public and employee safety
and protection, regulatory compliance, customer care, etc.

This is particularly relevant to the regulation of GM crops, as
it is almost entirely dependent on trust, with regulators
normally basing their assessments of environmental risk and food
safety on data from unpublished studies provided to them in
confidence by the GM firms that developed the crop.

Next we'll look at the corporate character and record to date of
the major GM firms." http://www.gmwatch.org/gm-firms

Stay Tuned! There will be a LONG bit of info on this topic
tomorrow. I hope you will take the time to read it because
it will help you understand why GM is really not a good thing
and how totally connected it is to BAD.

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Mama Mezzo said...

I think something might be wrong with you're blog. It looks like it runs off the screen and major parts are missing. The font looks different too.

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