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Friday, December 26, 2008

The Stove

We finally had the ORIGINAL stove/oven in this house replaced. Talk about going from uncomfortable to plunked right into the fire.... So, the original stove was problematic. Only 3 of the burners worked. The oven was iffy, but I managed to work with its quirks. I've got plenty of experience with making do.

The new one is much better on top. All 4 burners work AND the knobs to turn them on are in place AND function in the designed way. The old stove only worked with a pair of plyers to manipulate the knobs... it was an art I had mastered well. Anyway...

The new stove works well. The new oven, however, doesn't work at all! :( So, I've been boiling a lot. It's all right. I'm making do. We won't be able to make our turkey until the oven works, me thinks. ahwell... at least we receive turkey roasts from the Church. Did you know practically all of our food if from my Church right now? Yep. Even though Jess has 2 jobs again. It's rough to feel the need to continue to ask for and accept assistance when he's working so hard! If it weren't for Jess selling his Uzo and an AMP, we wouldn't have had any money to purchase the gifts (scooters) that Jess seemed dead set on getting because he wanted to see the light in Ria's eyes when she saw that the one wish she had for Christmas was realized. He's a good Daddy.

Anyway... that's the "big" frustration in the house right now. Thankfully Jess is working quite often so he's not cooking or wanting to bake as often as he was when he was home a lot more. I'm all right with making do. I'm going to attempt some baking in my toaster oven... it has a setting for such things. And, Heidi, we do try to unplug it when not in use. ;)


Jenny said...

Oh, I understand the pain of needing help and assistance despite working insane amounts. I hope things get better for you guys sooner than later. (And for us to, for that matter...)

In the mean time, while the economy is failing and people are stressing, I've enjoyed knowing that for me it's just more of the same that I've always known... ;-)

vicki said...

I am sorry to hear you have to do without an oven. That would be hard for me.
It was admirable how you had mastered that aggravating stove. As for me, one would think that I would , too. After all, I was making...no, burning,pancakes almost daily.
Does the landlord know that he has given you and inadequate oven?
love, mom

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