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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Full Monday

Yesterday was a full day. Ria talked about how much fun she had during each step of our adventures. Kat was happy, I think, just because Ria was happy! And Tea was super calm, quiet (except for a few complaints a couple of times), happy, and just overall wonderful just because she IS that way. :)

We left the house around 10 am. Our first stop was WalMart for our first professional family pictures in almost 2 years! The girls were amazingly well-behaved even though we had to wait quite a while once we arrived. The pictures turned out wonderfully and we're very excited to pick them up and share them.

From there we went to Pizza Hut with lots of coupons! During some homeschool research, I found the Pizza Hut reading program and signed up. In a very short period of time I received the supplies. We would read anyway, but this program makes it a LITTLE bit more exciting for the girls, overall. Each month that they/we accomplish our reading goals (reading classes), they get a personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut. So, the girls' meal was free. In addition we got pizza with a coupon for Mama and Daddy. It was nice (and inexpensive). This was our second month and the girls loved it this time as well as last time. So, it's a great program. I'm thankful that they have the program for homeschoolers as well as public schools!! ^_^

After lunch, we headed to the mall to spend the rest of the Macy's gift card we received from one of Jessie's co-workers. Jess got another new tie! It's a gorgeous all blue tie... my favorite color. Then we went to do our phone upgrade and re-contract with T-Mobile (also in the mall). Jessie's old phone was on the fritz. His phones endure a lot of punishment. The back lighting for the screen of the phone was completed shnockered. And, on top of that, it blinked out every 5 seconds! Pretty tempermental. We've been up for a re-contract and phone upgrade since July or August of this year, so we did pretty well. The funny thing about Jessie's phone is that it was suffering some serious quirks after it's battered life... my phone was recently dunked in water and was still performing perfectly! Strange, but true!!!

A bit of an emergency arose and we resolved it, but ended up late for the children's Christmas party at The Club (the job Jess has had for just over 2 years now) as a result of the emergency. Thankfully Ria and Kat weren't too aware that we were late. They were just happy to be there. It was nice. They had activities and crafts set up for the children. Ria and Kat really seemed to have a GOOD time. Kat was inextricably drawn to the music (much too loud), but would simply stand next to the dance fear. This causes me some fears of paying for dance classed in which all she does is stand and watch the teacher. Hopefully she'll warm up and get involved pretty quickly. The thing about Kat is that she is slow to warm up (like her Daddy). Once she's comfy, she's VERY comfy (talkative, active, take-charge... more like me), but it takes a while for her to get to that point. There was not enough time at the party for her to get comfy enough to "get down and boogy" on the dance floor alone OR with her Daddy. She would step out on it, stand there for a second, run back to Mama or Daddy's legs, hug the legs, and then run off back toward the table at which Ria was stationed (working on a craft and/or eating). It was really funny.

We had a goal to be home just before 8 pm because a guy was planning to come to see one of Jessie's AMPs. Jess advertised it on Craigslist in hopes of a sale. The guy never showed, but we did get home in time to accomplish our goal! :) YEAY!

Believe it or not, Ria and Kat were in bed by 8:45 pm and asleep VERY soon thereafter. Jess followed soon and Tea and I not long after him. Tea and I were in bed very soon after that, which is much earlier than usual. Amazingly (to me) Tea slept most of the night with only a few nursing times. Even when she nursed, she didn't wake up entirely. So, she slept WELL! I rather expected that she would wake up earlier this morning than usual. Her usual wake-up time is around 11am. Well, this morning she woke up earlier than normal.... by about 10 minutes! Unbelievable, right? But true! She's SUCH a sweet and easy baby!!!!!

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Benji and Aubrey said...

ooh! I'm very excited to see those family pictures! You and your adorable family...

Yes, we're VERY excited about the adoption. As for breastfeeding, I'm honestly not sure what they plan to do...from what it looks like they are bottle-feeding thus far. I know I am naive and uninformed, but I wasn't even aware of the herbal option...I guess we'll see...

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