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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sick Days

I don't know if it's better to be sick ALL at once, or stair-step it.... but I CAN say that I'm exhausted after the stairs I've been treading this week! Ria barfed Monday night during the night. She didn't know it. We didn't know it. Until Jess saw some on her night gown! UGH! All day Tuesday she was fine. So it seemed like just a random night barf, which used to be relatively frequent when Ria was younger.

It wasn't random.

It's not often that I think or feel that the forgetfulness I've been coping with lately is a blessing, but Tuesday it definitely was. Ria seemed fine all day, but I'm sure she was contagious. Given that, it's a HUGE blessing that I TOTALLY forgot about her piano lesson! We completely missed it. I'm SO glad (now) because we would have given this crud to Mary Kay!! :( BUT we didn't BECAUSE God's mercies abound!

Wednesday Ria woke up with a pretty good fever and threw up 2 or 3 times during the day. Kat was fine.

Thursday both seemed fine (Ria had no more fever, it broke during the night). We didn't go to Story Time or Ballet because I was worried that Ria might be weak because she had REALLY dark circles under her eyes. THANKFULLY we didn't go out! We would have passed the crud to untold numbers.

Thursday morning Jess went back to bed with a headache (which is how the crud started with Ria and Kat), but seemed to be completely better by the time he needed to leave for work. WHAT a blessing!

Friday, Kat came down with the crud. In her, it manifested as a fever and congestion. Makes sense to me since she had breathing complications at birth... so to my way of understanding, her breathing system could be weaker and, thus, more susceptible. She never threw up, but did have some loose stools (TMI?). Her version of the crud continued on through this (Sunday) morning!

Tea seemed to have a fever last night and threw up then as well. It was definitely throw up and not spit up! I know because it was projectile AND smelled of illness... Illness smells sort of rancid to me. At least, that's the best way I can describe it.

I've had so much stress as a result of all this because it's really difficult for me to have and deal with my kids being sick. But I'm trying to thank the Lord in all things, as we have been commanded to do. I think it's easier to be grateful for trials when I compare my old self with my current self in coping with them. I'm definitely not perfect and have HUGE strides in progress yet to make. BUT it is nice to see that I'm getting better... not QUITE as short fused when under the stress of the situation, not QUITE as quick to shed tears and/or break down completely, not QUITE as frustrated in general... Progress is good. I'm grateful to have an opportunity to see and measure it.

That said....

MAN, I hope this coming week is more relaxed, well, and just easier! ^_^

We have many plans and it would be REALLY wonderful to go about our activities well and feeling peaceful... especially on Tuesday when we're going to the temple AND Jessie's second job's Christmas Party! Big day... that one.

Life is good. God is GREAT! Can you believe 2009 is just around the corner!??


Jenny said...

Sounds terrible! Hope you got it all out of the way and you can enjoy the rest of the holiday season! Merry Christmas!

vicki said...

I hope your family has expierienced THE seasonal bout of the flu and that it is the last for the season. I will be thinking of you in your service today. I hope the girls love it as much as that lady will. I love you all. mom

vicki said...

Have a HaPPy BirTHday tomorrow!! I hope you can do something special on your family temple trip.
Now...you are striving to teach your children ALL of the commandments, right?? Well, do NOt be timid about letting your girls know how they can honor you on your bday. (commandment #4 on the tablets that Moses rec'd). THat was a hard one for me. When Dad was deployed it hit me that he wasn't there to teach them, so the job was mine. You will only need to do it a few years with the 1st ones, if yours are as good as mine. The older ones will help the youngest ones later on, with reminders from Mom and Dad.
love, mom

Heidi said...

It seems the more children you have, the more they are sick. I mentioned this to a mother of 8 at church and she said that the schools called her and said that her children were missing school too much. She told them she has eight children and they spread stuff to each other and would they rather her send them in sick?

The good news is that it seems to get better as they get older and have more natural immunities. : )

Hope you all feel better soon and do not have to miss your special temple day (and Birthday!).

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