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Sunday, September 23, 2012

On The Term "Sheeple"

All over the place, by those who are liberal and conservative (generally), I hear and read the term "sheeple."

In my opinion, the only folks who have any business using this term derogatorily are those who are #1 satanists, #2 aetheists, #3 Buddhists, #4 (this one is blank, but I leave it here because there may be some other category of people that may rightly use this term.  In my opinion, anyone who claims belief in God - even if not Christian, is making a fool of him or herself by using this term in a derisive manner.

Now, I have not read the Torah, the Quran or any of the other important religious texts (other than the Bible, Book of Mormon, Peal of Great Price, and Doctrine and Covenants), but I'm pretty sure the ones that reference the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob have some allusion to shepherding.  I know the Old Testament makes reference to at least one shepherd as a great leader (not Jesus Christ).  And the Torah, being the five books of Moses, would have this same reference.  I am less sure of the Quran, but because of many things I have learned, I believe there are references and allusions to the same therein, too.  Thus, I think those who negatively reference "sheeple" are making fools of themselves.

If we are good Christians, at least, we should see the foolishness in such.  Right?  I mean, seriously, folks.  Christ, being the Good Shepherd, will call His SHEEP in His name.  I sure hope I am among His sheep!!!  And so a sheeple I be... in the true-est and most pure sense.  Thus, my problem with those who consider themselves believers and try to make this term into something negative.  It's just foolishness.

Don't you think so?

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