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Friday, September 7, 2012

Five Things For Friday

Have you heard?  A noise.  It's the same kind of noise one can produce by running a slightly damp finger around the top edge of a thin-ish edged glass... like a wine glass.  It's basically that same exact noise, but up in the sky.  Or in the air in your home.  Have you heard such a noise?  We have.  Disturbing = hearing displaced sounds at various times of the night.

I was so looking forward to getting out to meet Homeschoolers on a Park Day, but the kiddos were sick, so we missed it.  Hopefully next week.

Aunt Flo just ended her visit at the beginning of this week.  I know I have no REAL clue how it feels to deal with infertility, but the sorrow over each visit I've had since the miscarriage... not to tears, but just this deep panging sorrow.  *sigh*

Started some more jam.  The eggplant kind.  It's surprisingly wonderful, actually!  I hope to be able to share it with some of those I love who live afar off at some point in the near future.

My emotional life - pertaining to marriage - has been a bit of a rollercoaster lately.  I'm ready to get off this ride, folks.  Can I pull an emergency cord to get this thing to stop... anyone?  (Jocose, of course.)

Actually published on September 20, 2012 due to computer's ill health.  ;)

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