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Friday, September 28, 2012

Five Things For Friday

I picked up some more chickens this week.  Six hens and 1 roo.  All are around 14 months old, which means I don't have to grow them.  YEAY!  Excited about them especially because they are Wyendotte: dual purpose breed AND their feathers are very camoflauging!  :)

Tried to purchase a possibly preggie doe (goat), but it didn't work out.  The seller was late to our meeting place and when I sort of decided that I shouldn't wait any longer, that maybe it was better that the sale didn't work out, I felt an amazing sense of relief.

Drove more than 2 hours to purchase a dual registered, white with golden spots, 2.5 year old doe that is not preggie, but has super good genes and has kidded (birthed) twice on her own without any problems.  YIPPEE.  She's a sweetheart!  Kiara joined our family on Thursday.

Saturday (tomorrow based on the back-date of this publishing) we drove almost 2 hours to purchase another doe.  This one was exactly 7 days old when we picked her up.  She is tiny (as all Nigerian Dwarf goats are - especially as babies) and almost all black.

I missed the General Women's Broadcast because I was out of it and trying to get my children to bed and sleep after our crazy long day driving (picked up goat, went to temple, went home: = 4.5 hours just driving.  Thankfully I can watch it this week before General Conference.
Actually Published on October 1, 2012

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