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Friday, September 21, 2012

Five Things For Friday

I have a few pregnant does (female rabbits) around here.  I'm hopeful that we'll be able to make more barter deals with kits (baby bunnies) in exchange for other items we desire, in another 7-8 weeks!

The children and I enjoyed another Park Day.  The girls make friends everywhere they go, so I have continued to feel happy that they have done so with ease among this group of homeschoolers.  I was pleasantly surprised and greatly pleased with how easily Jmy has blended in among the homeschooling boys.  Please keep in mind that Jmy is 18 months old and the youngest boys in the group are 5 and 6 years old.  Jmy just tags right along and the boys help him be with them (by and large, though not the entire time, of course).  It has truly warmed my heart: the generosity of spirit and kindness of these sweet guys!

I made some more progress on my rabbit hutch.  I just LOVE building stuff from bits and pieces!!  It is so very fulfilling!  I had to put the hutch on hold so that I could make a nest box for one of my does who is due to kindle (have her babies) in another few days.  They should have their nest box for a few days so they can pull fur out of their own bodies to line the hay stuffed box and birth their kits (baby buns) into that.  It's very cool!

Temple day!  YEAY!  We went to Best Buy (in Orlando) and bought the piece that needed to be replaced so that this computer would work again AND a new printer since the other one went kablooey recently.  I'm glad to have a printer via which I can FAX.  Now... just need to get some families who want to host foreign exchange students!  If you live in Volusia County, they come for a year and it's a WONDERFUL experience!  Let me know if you're interested and we'll talk!  :)

Relief Society is an amazing organization.  I am especially fond of Visiting Teaching and Compassionate Service as facets of the Relief Society gem!  ^_^

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