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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Obama Will Fix It

The title for this post, or very near it, is the response I received from two intelligent and well-educated women just this last week when I was trying to inform them about and ask for their help in calling our representatives about the CPSIA issue that is still not tied down/resolved.... I was beginning to inform them of the ALREADY MADE LAW when the first woman I was addressing cut me off and said, "Obama will fix it!" And she totally turned away from me and wouldn't hear any more. Her inattention may not have been helped by the comment someone else present made about not coming to Story Time to talk about Obama, but still.... It was totally obvious to me that she wouldn't hear about a problem ALREADY in existence because she believes Obama will solve it all. Ummm... He IS still a man. (NOT our Savior!!!) He is ONE man. And he may not even KNOW about this issue! After-all... most people don't REALLY know about it!

I was planning to talk to my librarian about the law and deadline as well as some other things, but another lady preempted me, regarding the CPSIA info I wanted to share. My librarian did come to speak to me about it - to get clarification about what the other lady told her. After I briefly described what was happening, she seemed to get the impression that it was something pending. As soon as she had that impression, she blew me off and raised her hands in the air in an almost worshipful gesture!! and said, "Obama has it!"

While I am grateful these intelligent women feel hopeful, I am astounded that these women are (and I believe they are representative of the populace in general rather than Obama fanatics) SO fully trusting the words of the politician made President AND empowering him with omnipotence and omniscience! COME ON!!! He is STILL a MAN!!!! I did speak to her about the issue again and was able to convey why the situation is more than one man and she was determined to look into it... thankfully!

That all sort of brings me to another couple of bits I wanted to share. I hope you will see how they are connected. If not, feel free to email me and I'll try to specify more clearly.

The first is a video of still pictures and quotes that touched me. It is entitled In God We Trust. Click either of the previous links to see it. If the title is off-putting, please give it a moment because the quotes are from notables in American history and totally appropriate to reminding us of where we came from, why we're here, and what the U.S. SHOULD be about.

The second item is a YouTube that I believe is pertinent both to this day (current events) as well as to the link I hope you will watch. I saw this YouTube on my friend Val's blog and felt like I'd JUST seen something that fit with it perfectly... well, I HAD! The link I above! It felt to fit perfectly together and I wanted to share them in that way. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!


Our family said...


I recently found this website & enjoy reading their blogs. This one is pretty funny and talks about the same thing as your topic. =D

vicki said...

Thank you for the video. love, mom

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