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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Can you BELIEVE this!?! PLEASE READ this unreal reality!!

I'm going to cut and paste some disturbing - VERY disturbing - information. I hope you will feel it worth your time to act as I believe it will impact you even if you never homeschool.

It's one of my worst nightmares... Farenheight 451 (the novel) come to life! If you haven't read it, you might want to - to see what we could WELL be fighting the first stages of!!!!!

The Sale of Children's Books to be Banned


Oh, how I wish this were a joke! But it is a grim and looming,
almost Orwellian, reality.

Effective February 10th, in the United States, the sale of
all children's books (books intended for children ages 12 and
under) is to be PROHIBITED. Every single book printed prior
to the ruling is affected, whether new or used. New books in
production are required to include a "lead-free" certification
and will be the only books that are legal to offer for sale.

What does this mean to the homeschooling family?

Well, for one, curriculum fairs across the country will be
cancelled as book vendors scramble to figure out how to comply
with the new ruling. Complete book inventories will have to be
destroyed -- the ruling even prohibits giving away the books!
Local thrift stores will be hard hit -- most will likely have to
close their doors -- yes, even Goodwill and Salvation Army.

Clothing, toys and books -- even CDs and DVDs are included in the
ruling. Thrift stores will no longer be able to accept or process
anything (including clothing) that would be intended for a child.

No more library sales. Libraries will not be permitted to give
away or sell book donations. It is unsure yet, however, how
the libraries' shelves themselves will be impacted (the ruling
doesn't explicitly mention "loaning" books, just selling or
giving them away). The key word, however, is "distribution" --
libraries may well be required to destroy books from their shelves.

(The ruling that originally passed was about toys, but the EPA has
since made a statement that clothing, books and media are included
in "children's toys".)

Just how serious is this new law?

Amazon.com has already notified all vendors of their need to comply.
No book can be sold at the Amazon site that was printed prior to
compliance. And the "compliance" must be coordinated at the manu-
facturing stage. At the time of this article there is no clause
to be able to grandfather-in older books or even rare out-of-print
books. It can cost between $500 and $1500 to test a book for lead.

I happen to own a children's bookstore specializing in living books
from the 1950s and '60s. My punishment for selling a book after
February 10th? Up to $100,000 and 5 years in jail. And yes, it is
a felony charge. For selling a SINGLE book.

(Although I don't think the S.W.A.T. team scenario would become a
reality overnight, at the same time I would be leery of blatantly
violating Federal law.)

So what can you do to help save your local used bookstore that
sells children’s books? Or that homeschool curriculum business?
Or your EBay business selling children's items?

ACT NOW before the quickly approaching deadlines:

1) Email or call the CPSIA - the office of the CPSC ombudsman at
888-531-9070. http://www.cpsc.gov/cgibin/newleg.aspx

Comments on Component Parts Testing accepted through January 30,
2009. Or email: Sec102ComponentPartsTesting@cpsc.gov

2) Contact your local representatives. For their contact informa-
tion, just enter your zip code.

3) Make your voice heard by voting on this issue! The top 3 in
each category will be presented to President-elect Obama.

4) Sign the petition.

5) Spread the word! Forward this article. Send an email. Write
about this on your blog. Tell others about this issue and
encourage them to do the same.

For the complete story, read the following links:


Consumer Product Safety Commission Summaries on Legislation Index
page for Children's Products Containing Lead; Lead Paint Rule and
other rulings


Office of the General Counsel FAQ on retroactive inventory require-
ments -- The use of forward effective dates appears to force current
inventories to adhere to the ruling on February 10th, 2009


Specific FAQ on their interpretation of books and other media to be
included in the testing of lead based products


Effective Date: Lead content limit of 600 ppm becomes effective 180
days after enactment. An advisory opinion regarding the application
of the new lead limit to inventory existing at the effective date
can be found on our web site at

Getting the Lead out: There is no lead in children's books

There is no lead in Children's books: From a Pedtrician

Please! If you want to keep low-cost avenues for children's clothing, books,and toys available, please make your voice heard. I, for one, feel physically sick about this and I'm going to do whatever I can to change this ridiculousness!


vicki said...

to anyone reading tori's blog. She is not exaggerating anything here. It is for real. Before she contacted me about it I had heard about it on the radio-one of the talk shows had a caller talking about what he was mandated to do to comply.
we have to act. Thanks for your work, Tori.
love, mom

Josefine said...

Hi Tori,
I believe it's a very good thing that they're lowering the maximum lead level in toys. Lead is very dangerous for kids, especially if they like mouthing their toys.
This came from http://www.jhsph.edu/publichealthnews/articles/2007/goldman_lead_toys.html :

Question: What is the health risk for children from lead exposure?

Answer: The most significant risk has to do with developmental delays and the impact of lead on brain development, which occurs with very low levels of exposure.

Lead is also hazardous to adult brains. In fact, there is a lot of research here at Hopkins that’s beginning to show that low levels of lead affect adult brains as well as those of children.

Lead is also toxic to the kidneys and to blood formation. It’s also a carcinogen.

The European Union has decided to ban lead (as well as some other nasty chemicals) completely from children's toys last year.

Although I can understand that they'll test those plastic-squeaky baby books, I can't imagine that they'll ban normal ink on paper books.
Or at least I hope they won't. That would be truly ridiculous.

I'll mail again soon.
Take care!

Tori, Jessie, Ria, and Kitty Kat said...

NO QUESTION lead is bad for ANYONE! I'm not arguing that point in the least. My problem is the verbiage of the laws that are being enacted. They are too wide sweeping. They are working to further the power of government. If you're for BIG gov't, I'm sorry, but I'm NOT. So, this is a HUGE problem to me because the VERBIAGE is leading to the demolition of small businesses in business for children ages 12 and younger. That's my problem... not LEAD!!! Good gracious! If you think I would rather my kids be exposed, you've read me WRONG!

Josefine said...

Hi Tori!
Sorry about that. That's exactly why I shouldn't reply to things when it's late at night and I'm really very tired...
Take care!

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