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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Extreme Motherhood... Only in "Civilization"

It's amazing and rather depressing to me that the natural way is considered by SO many today to be "unnatural". Makes me wonder if there are yet ways I still remain brainwashed by the modern! I mean, home birth was always, thanks to my Mom, pretty easy for me to accept. Because I could so easily accept it and because I knew my Mom could do it, I had the strong hope that it could be for me, too.

Again, thanks to my Mom, breastfeeding has always been THE way to feed babies in my mind. I can honestly say that it seems rather odd to me to continue breastfeeding beyond 4 years of age... but I, just as honestly, cannot say it will never happen to me. I dare NOT say such a thing because in my life, that which I have said will never transpire soon occurs! There's no leap, though, for me to say and think that it would be odd, at this time in my life, to imagine myself with a nursling older than four years old.

Given that I have successfully experienced (and hope yet to again complete) home births, combined with the fact that I breastfeed beyond infancy, I would be considered an extreme Mama. If you know me, I'm pretty normal... aren't I? I mean, I'm not extreme... no Goth or Tatooed Mama here.... just a Mama who is trying to do what I believe is best after learning as much as I can... I guess by the standards of today I may well be "extreme." *ahwell* I suppose I have to abide such labels since I do live IN this world. I hope the culture will change to be, at least, more accepting of the natural way!


vicki said...

Thankfully you can find pockets of people who feel much as you do, if not exactly the same...the internet sure can bring groups together!
It used to be natural for a mom to continue to care for her family even as all the children are leaving the nest. Supposedly Mom isn't needed. HA!
Continuing in the care is what I want to do (and sprinkle in lots of caring for others who need help), but there's that pull (need) to chase after the almighty dollar. Oh Well.

Feli said...

I am like you. I believe in Natural birthing. I think its more common in the Asian countries than the western world now a days.

Back home, Natural birth is the only way to go unless there are complications which jeopardizes both mom and bub. And also a C section is a more expensive option if you opt for it.

I hope one day when I have babies I will have one naturally and breast feed too. It's a dying tradition breast feeding. Having babysat all my little nieces and nephews, non of them breast feed 100% until my friend recently had her baby and that baby is 100% breast fed. I have never seen a mom breast fed her baby 100%. I hope someday I will be able to do that too.

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