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Monday, November 21, 2011

Pride; the most insidious of sins

I really believe Pride is the root of all evil.  It shoots out all kinds of different sins, but if you look back to where the sin came from, it seems like Pride is always at the root of the problems.

Misfit Cignet is one of the blogs I read pretty regularly.  She's written some really thought provoking posts and the one I read most recently is, to me, all about Pride.  In it, she's actually writing about all the ways that we may, as humans, try to DO things that are righteous for those in observation of us to see and notice our righteousness.  See, it's all about pride.

Anyway... I've been thinking about her post, and about pride generally, a lot and seeing problems with pride in little things.  Yet even though they may be "little" the problem is still there; and so I must get back to business and so some weeding.  I've thought, off and on, that I don't have to worry about pride; "I've got that handled now," I might think for a day or so.  But then I only have only to hear a talk, read a Christ-centered blog post, read an Ensign article or some other God-focused, Christ-centered something and I realize that I DO have more to work on.  The problem area may require me to dig a little deeper to see the insidious blackness of Pride on my soul, which I haven't yet weeded out.

And so it is never ending.  Thankfully, the Lord is Love and desires me; in all my weakness!  Bless His Holy Name for wanting a sinner such as I am!

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